ID: MARG_315

TitleCalendar of Deeds of Bower Hall, West Mersea, 1351 - 1397
AbstractCalendar of Deeds of Bower Hall, West Mersea, 1351-1397 transcribed from ERO T/A 305/1

Source Carol Wyatt, transcribed by Elaine Barker May 2023

This calendar lists four deeds relating to Bower Hall over a 46 year period.
Feoffment in feudal law was a grant of ownership of freehold property to someone and a
Letter Patent was an open document issued by a monarch or government conferring an exclusive right, privilege, title, or office.

Ref: Q/CMW/28

Sat. eve of Whit.    
35. Edw.III
[15th May 1351]
1. Henry de Ryhale, chaplain
2. Nichols de Segrave of Westmercey and Sebil' his wife
Westmersey: The manor called "Le Bourhalle"
in the town of Westmercey
(See note on Q/CMW/29 below) Seal missing

Ref: Q/CMW/29

16 Oct.
32 Edw.III      
1. Nicholas de Segrave of Westmersey
2. Henry de Ryhale, Chaplain
Westmersey: The manor called Bourhall' in the town of Westmersey
(This deed and Q/CMW/28 above were tied together round the seal tags with black thread). Seal: missing

Ref: Q/CMW/ 30

Thurs. after Easter    
14 Ric: II
[30 Mar. 1391]
1. Thomas de Hynton', Stephen Modegoin' vicar of the church of
Westmeresy, John Sumpter, John Heruy and Robert Arnold
2. Nicholas Segrave and Elizabeth his wife
Westmersey: The manor of Bourghall' in the town of Westmeresey. Seals:
5 on 3 tags, 4 round, I oval impr., of 1?, 2 arm., fair

Ref: Q/CMW/ 31

Letters patent
1. Thomas Earl of Gloucester and Sire ledespenser
2. His Receiver of Keardif
Richard de Ruyhale, Hugh Mortimer and Hugh Tyldesleygh hold the manors, priories, lands, tenements, etc., of the Lady Elizabeth Despenser to farm for an annual rent of £500 [excepting her dowry and jointure]. The receiver is to pay the sum? over, for which the letter will be sufficient guarantee. The auditors are charged to see that payment is made in the usual manner.
In French. Seal: round, red, of 1, arm., part only

SourceMersea Museum / Carol Wyatt