ID: MARG_314

TitleSurvey manor of Bower Hall, West Mersea c 1575
AbstractSurvey of the Manor of Bower Hall, West Mersea c1575 transcribed from ERO D/DU 491/9

From Carol Wyatt, transcribed by Elaine Barker May 2023

[In this survey of the Manor of Bower Hall, I am presuming ar/arr means 'arable' and pa means 'pasture' Elaine Barker, transcriber]

Lands belonging to the
Mann[or] of Bower hall
A Survaye of

ar   one Close adioyninge to the Mannor house called
      Spare hills cont . acres
pa:   one Close called the round meadowe cont . acres
arr:   one Close called Holme pitt w[i]th a coppice
pa:   one Close called holme pitt meadow
pa:   one Close called Marsh Feild
pa:   one Close called the holme Feild
        the in marsh
        the out march
        picketts haven
arr:  Sluce Feild adioyning to picketts haven
        Sale Feild adioyn[i]nge upon the sea w[i]th a coppice of wood
arr:   a Close called new Field
pa:   a Close called held?
        a lyttle close the pushie hole
        the Lyttle brooke meadow
        the Close called the grove
        the upp[er] brooke meadow
arr:   the upp[er] west Field
arr:   the Lower west Field
arr:   one Lyttle pikell adioyninge to the house
        The glade adioyninge to \the/ Mannor house

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SourceMersea Museum