ID: MARG_304

TitleLetter from Queen Elizabeth ERO D/DRc M12
AbstractCopy of letter from Queen Elizabth re Thomas Abell - transcribed by Sue Howlett
From East Mersea Manor, Book of Extracts & Precedents - Essex Record Office D/DRc M12

Eliz prim / At the ffyrst court of our Soveraign Ladye Quene Elizabethe: &c / in the ffyrst year of hir Raigne It is InRoulled /

Whereas in the year abovesayd & at this Courte came John Abell gent and bringeth the Letters of our Soveraigne Lady the queen upon hir previe Seall or Signett, To hir Stiward & Surveyor of hir maner of Eastmersey & to eyther of them derected, The tenour wherof followeth in thes words ~

Trusty & welbeloved we greet you well. Lettinge you to understand we are contented & well pleased That our well beloved John Abell shall have of us to him & to his heyers for resonable[?] ffyne, Accordinge to the costome of the maner of Eastmersey, in the Countye of Essex / One pece of Costomarie Land by estemacion xv acres called Stone Lande, and fower acres of Salt marshe in Eastmersey aforesayd being Late parcell of the possessions of Thomas Abell Clarke, attayneted of Highe treason: yeldinge & payinge therfore to us & our Successors yearlye Eighte shillinge & eightpence beinge the accostomed Rente And doinge all other services as A costomarie tenant of that our maner oughte to doe / Requiringe & chardginge you therefor, To mak A good & sufficient copeye[?] of the sayd costomarie Lande unto the sayd John Abell & to his heyers, in sutch maner & sorte as you accostomablye use to make to the costomarie tenants of the same our Lordshipp, to the Intent the sayd John Abell may Inioye the same Accordinge to our graunte as appear[?] And this our Letter shalbe your sufficient warrant & discharage in that behalf yeven under our Signett at our pallayce of Westm[inster] the xv daye of may in the ffyrst year of our Raign / By vertue whereof Tho Wallenger dept unto Anthony Browune one of the Justices of our Soveraiin Lady the quene of hir [?] principall Stiward of hir hignes maner aforesayd / doth accompte[?] out of the hands of our sayd sovaign Lady the quene all & singular the premisses with the appurtenances[?] above [?] & specifyed. To the aforsayd John Abell his heyers ^ assignes for ever, of our Sov.. Lady the quene & hir successors, by the rod at the wyll of our sayd Sovaigne Ladye the quene accordinge to the costom of the maner afforsayd by the Rente of eighte shillins & eight pence by year, & fines thereof due & of right Acc.. for ever And doth gyve our sayd sovaign Ladye the quene for hir ffyne as appear[?] and dothe his ffealtye &c /

And at the same Court & in open Courte accordinge to the costom of the maner, the aforesayd John Abell surrendered all the singular the premises[?] into the hand / of our soveraiyn Lady the quene by the hands of the Steward: unto the use of Myche[?] myddelton his heyers and assynes for ever / &c / ut patett

[following 4 pages cut out of book]

SourceMersea Museum