ID: MARG_303

TitleMersea Manorial Records: East Mersea (Tree cutting) 1501 D/DRc M12
AbstractMersea Manorial Records: East Mersea 1501 (Tree cutting) transcribed from part of Essex Record Office D/DRc M12

Transcriber by Trevor Hearn 10th February 2020
There is a translation to Modern English further down the page

1     Estm[er]sey:     Estm[er]sey
2             At A Cou[er]te \Baron/ Ther houlden upon Thursday next after
3 H.7.17:/ the Feast of Corpus Christi / A[nn]o Henrie the Seventh
4             the Sevententh year / : <....>

5     Cuttinge : It is ther Inrowled in a paper Roull, amonge other:
6     Downe
7     Trees /
8         An Inquirie taken ther by the Steward by the sacred oathe
9         of John Webb, Tho: Broman, William Palfriman. Richard
10         Kynott, John Vynour seni[er]; Tho: Gawtye, W[m] Mytchell
11         John Martchall; John Constantyne Willia[m] Streter
12         W[m]: Vyno[ur] Rauf M[er]tyll, Rob[er]t Crips, W[m]: Hunte,
13         Willia[m] Stanes, W[m]: Pollye, Which sayd upon thir
14         Oathes that; John Vyno[ur] Cut Downe xxj trees called Elmes
15         growinge upon his Land called Vynors, W[m] Pollye
16         Cutt xix trees growinge upon his Land[es] called Mundkyns
17         W[m] Mytchell cutt xiiij upon his Land called Mytchells,
18         W[m] Stane Cutt x upon his Land called Nashes,
19         Rob[er]t Crips Cutt vj upon his Land Called Martyns
20         Thomas Broman iij upon his Land called Couckmon[n]d[es]
21         John Martcyll xxj upon his Land called Martylls,
22         John Boukton xxj upon his Land called Ardlyes
23         the wyfe late of Tho: Flower in Cobbs v, The late
24         wyfe of Richard Aldwyn, iij upo[n] his Land called Samans
25         W[m]: Richardson x Tho: Broman Cutt vij trees growinge
26         upo[n] his Land called Werds, Tho Gawtye xiij upon his land
27         called Palmers, Richard Kynett xiij upon his Land
28         Called Kynetts, Growinge upon their Land[es] Custom[er]ie
29         without Lycence / Concordat w[i]th the Roull
30         Agur Polley v upo[n] Gyluyns

31 H.7.18 It is inrowled that John Abrye Acknowlidgeth him self to
32        have recyved & had of Geffrye Leele, the sum[m]e of liijs iiijd
33        beinge the Last payment of C.vjs.viijd. for the Landes
34        Called Gyrdlers

35 H.7.5 Symond Polly Acknowlidgeth the payment of vjli in full
36         for the purchasse of Mannydons & Hikk[es] pyttell [ Note 1 ] /[???]/
37         [the] for the purchasse

Note 1 probably 'pightle', a small field or enclosure - a term used elsewhere on Mersea

Modern English Translation
Translator: Trevor Hearn 10th February 2020

East Mersea       East Mersea

1501 At a Court Baron held on 20th June 1501:

Cutting: It is hereby recorded on the Court Roll as follows, among other matters:
Trees /
Enquiry undertaken by the Steward under oath of John Webb, Thomas Broman
William Palfriman, Richard Kynott, John Vynour snr, Thomas Gawtye, William
Mitchell, John Marshall, John Constantine, William Streeter, William Vynour,
Ralf Mertyll, Robert Crips, William Hunt, William Stanes and William Polly (all
members of the Manorial Court Jury) who all stated under oath the following:

John Vynour cut down 21 elm trees growing on his land known as Vynours;
William Polly cut down 19 trees growing on his land called Mundkyns;
William Mitchell cut down 14 trees on his land called Mitchells;
William Stanes cut down 10 trees on his land called Nashes;
Robert Crips cut down 6 trees on his land called Martyns;
Thomas Broman cut down 3 trees on his land called Couckmondes;
John Marshall cut down21 trees on his land called Martylls;
John Boukton cut down 21 trees on his land called Ardlyes;
the widow of Thomas Flower cut down 5 trees on land called Cobbs;
the widow of Richard Aldwyld cut down 3 trees on land called Samans;
William Ruchardson cut down 10 trees;
Thomas Broman cut down 7 trees on his land called Werds;
Thomas Gawtye cut down 13 trees on his land called Palmers;
Richard Kynett cut down 13 trees on his land called Kynetts;

Ordinarily growing on their lands, the trees were cut without licence.
In agreement with the roll.
Agur Polly cut down 5 trees on land called Gyluyns.

It is documented that John Abrye acknowledges receipt of 53s. 4d. from
Geoffrey Leele in respect of the last installment of a total of 106s. 8d.
for the land called Gyrdlers.

Symond Polly acknowledges payment in full of £6 for the purchase of
Mannydons and Hills.

Published20 June 1501
SourceMersea Museum