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TitleExtracts from records relating to Phineas Cooke of West Mersea
AbstractExtracts from records relating to Phineas Cooke of West Mersea by Sue Howlett
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Q/SO 1655 Westmersey: Preston & Sanders [sic] f.96r
'Upon a Petic[i]on presented to this Court by the Inhabitants of Westmersey, alleading [sic] that one Phineas Cooke, being Overseor for the poore of the said parish in the yeares 1652 & 1653, doth deteyne the Sum[m]e of Five pounds Foure Shill[ings] Seaven pence of the money belonging to the said parish, Which said matter being att [th]e peace to examine hath not yett received any end for that the said Phineas refuseth to appeare, It is thereupon Ordered by this Court that the said Phineas Cooke doe forthwith pay unto the present Overseors for the poore of the said parish the said Sum[m]e of Five pounds Foure Shillings Seaven pence, unless hee can make it appeare to some one Justice of the peace of this County [tha]t hee ought not to bee charged therewith, and in default of the said Phineas Cooke herein some Justice of the Peace is desired to bind him over to the next Sessions'.

1662 D/B 3/11/25 [Lease of oyster fishery to Phineas Cooke mariner]
Bailiffs, etc., of Maldon, to Richard Finch, yeo., of Rochford, Phines Cooke, mariner, of West Mersea, Henry Goodwyn, mariner, of Barling, Richard Horsenaile, mariner, of Barling, and John Laten of Little Wakering: Fishery ( for oysters and mussels only) from east part of Rebanke to Old Garfish weir, at an annual rent of £11

1662 Hearth tax: 5 hearths at West Mersea
1671 Hearth tax: 5 hearths at WM and 4 hearths at WM

Jan 1675/6 T/B 474/1Marriage settlement of John Cox and Margaret Walker, including Bocking Hall; parcel of land or marsh called The Rey (18 acres), formerly in the tenure or occupation of John Sengar at a yearly rent of 21s.; tenement and lands (20 acres), formerly in tenure or occupation of Bacon at a yearly rent of 10s.; site of said manor, with all its appurtenances; the lands and tenements and a cottage or tenement lately built thereon called Marchants (33 acres), abutting west on the demesne lands now or late in the tenure or occupation of Phinehas Coke; all in West Mersea.

ERO T/B 134/1 c 1679 'A note of Irregularities to be reformed in the Island of Mersey 8.
'There are two children at Phineas Cookes in West Mersey whose mother having lived about eight years from her husband with him made her selfe away, & these children are not baptised the one being betwene three & foure & the other about five years old.' 1686 D/ABW 7/24 Will of Phineas Cooke, gentleman [Probate 28 May 1689 to Robert Halls, executor] The bulk of his lands and property was bequeathed to two young brothers named Phillip and Sandford Cleare. Unusually, no relationship was identified between these heirs and Phineas Cooke. Robert Halls was appointed sole executor, and 'Trustee & Curator for the Said Phillipp & Sandford Cleare during their severall Minorities'.

1694 TNA C5/152/80 Litigation: Clear v Halls.
Plaintiffs: Philip Clear and Sandford Clear
Defendants: Robert Halls and others
Subject: personal estate of the deceased Phineas Cook of West Mersea, Essex

1704 ERO D/P 77/1/1 Extract from Burial Register of West Mersea Church

John the son of Sandford Clear & Mary his wife, was buried in woolen only whereof affidavit was made yn.

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