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TitleWill of John Marchant (Marchaunt) of Peldon 1516
AbstractWill of John Marchant [Marchaunt] of Peldon 1516 transcribed from ERO D/ACW 2/41/2

Transcription by Elaine Barker April 2022

In this pre-Reformation will, John Marchaunt of Peldon bequeaths his soul to St. Mary and the saints wishing his body to be buried in peldon churchyard.

He leaves money to the High Altars of Peldon, West Mersea and Fingringhoe and to the walks of St. Paul's in London [Note 1] He leaves money to the Grey Friars of Colchester for a trental [30 masses] to be sung and also for a priest to sing masses in Peldon Church for his soul.

He leaves his house to his son Robert with the condition he pays to his other son, William, £6 13s 4d.To William he leaves lands and tenements called Mathews & Squalok[es] Acre.

To his daughter, Joan, he leaves money and a cow and money to Alice his daughter between whom he divides all his household stuff.

He leaves 10 marks [a mark = 13s 4d] for the gilding of the statue of The Assumption of St. Mary in Peldon Church having already given the church 5 nobles towards it [a noble = 6s 8d].

He gives clothes to both sons and John Smith and to Albert, the painter, a sheet and blanket.

He asks his son Robert to arrange obits in Peldon Church [Note 2] for four years.

He leaves two lambs to John Winter.

He asks for a gravestone to lay on his grave.

He bequeaths two lambs to and John Tay and one lamb to the wife of William Fox of Abberton.

The rest of his goods and debts he gives to his sons whom he appoints as his executors with Thomas Webb as overseer.

The will is witnessed by Sir Richard Sharples Curate and Thomas Wright among others unnamed.


Testamentum Joh[ann]is Marchaunt de peldon

In dei no[m]i[n]e Amen the iijth day of Maye in the yere
of our[e] lorde god Ml vC & xvj [1516] I John Marchaunt
of peldon in the Countie of Essex & dioc[es] of lon
don hole of mynde & in good remembrance be
yng make & orden this my p[re]sent testame[n]t & laste
will in man[er] & forme folowyng First I bequeth
my sowle to almyghti god our[e] lady saynt Mary
and to all saynt[es] & my body to be buried in the
church of peldon a forsaide And I gyve to the
hie Awt[er] of the same church iijs iiijd It[e]m to the
hie Awt[er] of the church of west m[er]sey ijd the
hie Awt[er] of the church of Fyngryngho xxd
It[e]m to the warkys of saynt paule in london
vjd It[e]m to the grey Fryers in Colchester for a
tryntall of Massis xs Item I bequeth to an ho
nest prest to syng for my sowle by a quarter of
a yer[e] in the church of peldon if it may be spa
red v nobell[es] Also y will that Roberd my
sone have my howse w[i]t[h]all my lond[es] therto
belongyng to hym & to his assignes for ev[er] pay
yng to willia[m] his brother w[i]t[h]in v yer[e] next after
my decese vj li xiijs iiijd Also I will that willia[m]
my sone have my lond[es] & teneme[n]t[es] called
Mathews & squalok[es] acre to hym & to his as
signes for ev[er] Also I bequeth to Johan my dought[er]
v li of good & lawfull mony & one of my beste
Kyne Also I bequeth to Alis my dought[er] v li
of good & lawfull mony Also I will they have
all my howsold stuff evynly devyded bytwen[e]
them both Also y gyve to the gyldyng of the
ymage of our[e] lady the assumpcion in peldon
church aforsaid x marke wherof the the church
hath v nobill[es]. It[e]m I will willia[m] my sone have
my best gowne It[e]m y will that Roberd my son
have a gowne cloth It[e]m y will that John smyth
of peldon have my grene cote It[e]m y will
that Albert the paynt[e]r have a sheet and
a blanket Also I will that Roberd my sone

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shall cause myn obet to be kept iiijer yer[e] aft[er] my decese
bestowyng yerely for the same vs Also I will that
John wynter have ij lambes Also I will that my
executo[ur]s p[ro]vid a gravestone to ley on my grave
And I will that the wiff of willia[m] Fox of Aburton
have a shepe p[ri]ce xxd It[e]m I will that John Tay
lor have ij shepe p[ri]ce xld The residue of all my
good[es] catell[es] and dett[es] I gyve & bequeth holy
& frely to willia[m] & Roberd my sonnes to dispose
for the helth of my soule whome y orden & make
myn executo[ur]s by the ov[er]sith & advise of Thomas Webbe
he havyng for his labur vjl viijd Thes witnes S[ir]
Richard Sharples Curate ther Thomas Wright
w[i]t[h] other moo the day and yer[e] abovesaide.

Note 1: the name given to the central nave of Old St Paul's Cathedral, where people walked up and down in search of the latest news. St. Paul's was Peldon's 'Mother Church'.
Note 2: an obit was prayers sung on the anniversary of the testator's death

SourceMersea Museum