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TitleWill of John Marchaunt (Marchant) the Younger of Peldon 1512/13
AbstractWill of John Marchaunt [Marchant] the Younger of Peldon 1512/13 transcribed from ERO D/ACR 1/ 206/2

Transcription by Elaine Barker April 2022

In this pre-Reformation will of January 1512/13 John Marchaunt bequeaths his soul to St. Mary and all the saints in heaven requesting he be buried in the churchyard of St. Mary's, Peldon. He leaves a bullock to Peldon's High Altar and £5 to make a new candlebeam, [a horizontal beam or rail used to hold liturgical or votive candles in old churches]. He leaves money for the Grey Friars of Colchester to sing him a trental (30 masses) and a priest to sing the five masses of the five wounds (these were the five wounds Christ suffered on the cross). He leaves money for the four men who bear him into church.

He leaves money to his sister, Joan, a sheep each to his three (unnamed) godchildren. He has two nieces named Joan Marchaunt (one his brother William's daughter and the other his brother Robert's daughter) to each of whom he leaves a lamb.

A lamb and money are left to Margaret Thedam, John Taylor, William Thedam, John Cole the younger and his wife Joan Cole.

The residue of his goods is left to his two brothers and executors, William and Robert. His witnesses are his father, John Marchaunt, John Cole and John Taylor. [His father's will, written in 1516 is D/ACR 2/41/2]


Test[amentu]m Joh[ann]is Marchaunt Jun[ior] de peldon

In the name of god Amen the First day of January in the yer[e]
of our[e] lorde god ml VC & xij [1512] I John Marchaunt of peldon the
yonger beyng in good mynde make my testame[n]t & laste
will in this man[er] & forme folowyng First I bequeth my
sowle to almyghti god to our[e] lady saynt Mary & to all the
saynt[es] in hevyn & my body to be buried in the churchyard
of peldon a forsaid It[e]m I bequeth to the hie Awt[er] of the
said church a bulloke of xij month age It[e]m I bequeth to
the said church of peldon to the rep[ar]ac[i]on of a newe can
dilbeme vli [£5] in lawfull mony of yngland It[e]m I bequeth
to the grey Fryers of Colchest[er] for a tryntall xs It[e]m
I bequeth to a prest to syng for my soule v massis of
the v wound[es] xxd It[e]m I bequeth to iiij men to ber[e] me to
church xvjs It[e]m I bequeth to Johan my sister vs Item
I bequeth to my iij godchildern iij shepe p[ri]c[e] the pece xvjd
It[e]m I bequeth to Johan Marchaunt my brother willia[m]s
dought[er] a lambe p[ri]c[e] xijd It[e]m I bequeth to Johan Mar
ch[a]unt my brother Robert dought[er] a lambe p[ri]ce xijd It[e]m
I bequeth to Margaret Thedam a lambe p[ri]ce xijd and
xijd in mony And I bequeth to John Taylo[r] a lambe
p[ri]ce viijd & iiijd in mony It[e]m I bequeth to Willia[m] Theda[m]
a lambe p[ri]c[e] viijd And iiijd in mony And I bequeth to John
Cole the yonger a lambe p[ri]c[e] vijd And I bequeth to Johan
Cole his wif a lambe p[ri]c[e] vijd The residue of all my good[es]

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not gyvyn nor bequethed I gyve & bequeth to myn exe
cuto[ur]s whom I make & orden Willia[m] Marchaunt and
Roberd Marchaunt thei to dispose for the helth of my
soule to the plesur[e] of god This witnese John March[a]unt
my father John Cole & John Taylo[r] The day and
yer[e] above said

SourceMersea Museum