ID: MARG_287

TitleWill of Thomas Harris the younger of East Mersea 1625
AbstractWill of Thomas Harris the younger of East Mersea dated 6 July 1625 transcribed from ERO ref D/ACW 10/91

Transcription by Sue Howlett March 2022

Date of will 6 July 1625:
Date of Probate 23 November 1625

Thomas Harris the younger bequeaths the following:
To John Harris, his brother, 15 shillings;
to Fayth [Faith] Harris, his sister, 15 shillings;
to John and Katheren Lingard 5 shillings each;
to Elizebeth Harris his god-daughter 5 shillings;
to his father and 'Uncle Harris', both unnamed, his wearing apparel;
to Allse [Alice] his wife, all his remaining goods [and] to pay Mary Kynot 5 shillings;
to Edward Harris (relationship unspecified) 10 shillings and to pay testator's debts, prove his will and arrange burial;
Executrix: his wife, Allse [Alice]
Witnesses: Thomas Tayler; Bridget Brokes [her mark]
The mark of testator, Thomas Harris.

NB (1) This will appears to be written by a different Thomas Harris, presumably a relation of the same name as the testator;
    (2) What looks like 'i' in the following will is transcribed as 'o' as required,
    eg 'of' in line 1. The scribe also writes 'e' looking more like 'o (eg brother and sister)

In the name of god Amen on the vith: daye of Juellye in the yeere
of our lord god 1625: I Thomas Harris the yonger of Eastm[er]seye
in the Doyses of london: beinge secke in bodye but perfecte in
rembrence thankes begeven to god do make this my last wille
in maner & form followinge: fyrste I comend my sowlle into the
handes of Allmyghtye god my crehatour and to Jesus Criste
my only savior and my bodye to the earth, and the worlldly
goodes which god of his mercy hath lent to me: I gyve
them as followeth, Fyrst I gyve to John Harris my Brother
fyftenne shillinges of good & lawfull monye of Ingland to
Faythe Harris my sister xvs. of lyke monye: Item I
gyve to John lingard the yonger vs & to katheren
lingard vs. I gyve to Elizebeth Harris my god
daughter vs; Item I do gyve to my Father & my
unkell Harris my warring [wearing] Aparrell. All the other
of my goodes I do gyve to Allse my wyffe to pay
mary Kynot vs: to Edward Harris x s & to pay?
deptes & to prove my will & to see my bodye sembly (seemlily ie decently)
brought to the earth & I do Apoynt the \s[ai]d/ Allys my
Lovyng wyff to my Exe[cu]trix. Witnes to this my
will I do set my hand the day & year A bove
written in the presence of:
          The mark of
          Thomas Harris . /
  Tho Tayler
Briget Brokes
her marke . /

SourceMersea Museum