ID: MARG_286

TitleWill of John Kenot or Kynot, East Mersea 1504
AbstractThe Will of John Kenot OR Kynot East Mersea 1504 transcribed from ERO D/ACR 1/83/3

Transcription by Elaine Barker April 2022

This is an incomplete transcription. We do not have page 1 but it begins with the usual commendations and a request for burial in the church of St Edmund, East Mersea.

John Kenot requests his share in a 'great' boat, his sheep and bullocks be sold to pay for masses to be sung by a priest for his soul and all Christian souls for as long as the money lasts.

He leaves his wife a small boat, oars and anchor and she is to have the use of his house and land for life also paying off his debts. The house and land are to be sold after her death. The implication is he wishes the proceeds to be used for prayers for the soul of him and his wife. His godchildren are to receive a lamb each. His wife is left his remaining unbequeathed goods.

His executors are Robert Cryps & Richard Kynot his brother. His witnesses are Ralf Kynot Sir John Hardyng and others.

made in Estm[er]sey Also y bequeth to the hie Awt[er] of the same
church for tithes forgoten & negligent paid [?]xvjd[16d]Also
y will that my parte of my gret bote xxti shepe & ij bullok[es]
besold to the moste valew & the mony therof to a prest
of good condic[i]ons to syng for my soule & all Cristyn soulys
as long as it woll laste & on sayle to the same prest to
syng for me Also y bequeth to my wif a litle Bote ij
orys & an anker Also y will that my wif have my howse
& lande terme of her liff to pay my dett[es] and aft[er] \the/ her deth
of my wif y will that myn execut[er] sell it & do for me &
my wif Also y bequeth to eny godchild of myn a lambe
Also y gyve & bequeth my wif all my lefe god[es] Also y
orden & make myn executo[ur]s Roberd Cryps & Richard Ky
not my brother Thes witnes Raff Kynot S[ir] John hardyng
& other moo

SourceMersea Museum