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TitleWill of Thomas Heckford of East Mersea 1621
AbstractWill of Thomas Heckford, singleman, of East Mersea 1621 transcribed from ERO D/ACW 6/255

Abstract and Transcription by Elaine Barker March 2022

Date of will 12 May 1621
Date of probate 25 May 1621

Thomas Heckford, a singleman of East Mersea writes his will in 1621 during the reign of James I. He owns a tenanted tenement and land called Loves in West Mersea and bequeaths it to a relative, John Heckford of Great Bromley (who may be his brother mentioned later in the will) for eight years before being passed on to John's son, who is Thomas's godson, also Thomas.

He bequeaths tenanted land in West Mersea called Hoults and Knottes to his sister Anna Pollard for ten years, to be then passed on to her son John Pollard.

His land in Elmstead, Stanwells and Knights is bequeathed to his brother, William Heckford, who is also appointed sole executor.

There are money bequests to Thomas's nieces and nephews, John, William, Thomas, Elizabeth and Anna Heckford, John Smythe and another of Thomas's brothers, David Heckford, when they reach the age of 21.

Thomas leaves family members a bedstead, doublet and breeches, and his best cloak.

The will is witnessed by William Bendyshe, Thomas Chandler and Thomas Collen and probate is granted on 25th May 1621.

Note: John Heckford's wife is named as Parnell and later as Aime, both women named as the mother of two daughters, Elizabeth and Anna. Were there two John Heckfords both with daughters Elizabeth and Anna? Elizabeth and Anna are listed twice receiving bequests of both £8 and £5.

In the name of god Amen the xij th day of May A[nn]o dom[ini] 1621 In the nintenth year of the Raign
of o[ur] most gracious sov[er]aign Lord Kinge James, by the grace of god of Ingland Scotland Fraunce
and eyerland Kinge defender of the Faythe & c[e]t[era] I Thomas Heckford of Eastm[er]sey in the
Countie of Essex; Singlman, Sicke in bodye but p[er]fitt in remembrance thanck[es] be
gyven to god. doe ordayne & make this my Last wyll & Testament in Manner and
forme Followinge First & principally I Comend my Soule in to the hand[es] of Allmighty
god my Creator and to Jhesus Christ my Allone Saviour, And my bodye to the Earth
It[e]m I gyve all that my tenement & land[es] called Loves now in the tenure of Beriain? [Brian?]
Wylson Lyinge in Westm[er]sey: unto John Heckford of mutch Bromlye for &
duringe the terme of Eight years next after my decease. And after the end and determinac[i]on
of the sayd eight years I gyve the sayd tenement & Lands unto Thomas Heckford my
god childe (beinge the sone of the sayd John Heckford) & his heyers for ever. It[e]m I gyve
my Land[es] in westm[er]se called Hoults and Knott[es] now in the tenu[r]e & occupacion of one
[blank] Perrey. unto Anna Pollard my Sister, for the tyme & terme of Tenn years.
next after my decease: And after the sayd term be expiered. I gyve all those my Lands
called Hoults & Knott[es] unto John Pollard my sayd Sisters sonn & to his heyers for
ever: It[e]m I gyve All those my Land[es] Lyinge & beeinge in Elmested called Stanwells
and Knight[es] unto William Heckeford my Brother & to his heyers, upon Condicion
& for the payment of certayn Legacyes hearin expressed. That is to say unto William
Heckford my brother John his sonn. the sum[m] of Eighte pounds, to be payed unto him
within one half year next after my decease: out of
those Lands. It[e]m I gyve unto Elizabeth and Anna (the daughters of my Brother John
& Parnell his wyf) to eyther of them Eighte pounds. to be payed unto them within one
wholl year next after my decease; It[e]m I gyve unto John & Thomas the children
of my Brother John Heckeford: to eyther of them the sum[m]e of Fyve pound[es] a pece,
to be payed unto them within one year and half after my decease. It[e]m I gyve unto
Elizabeth & Anna the daughters of my Brother John Heckford and Aime his wyf.)
to eyther of them Fyve pound[es] a pece. to be payed unto them within one year
and a half next after my decease: And I wyll & my meaninge is that my Brother
William his executors Administrator[es] & assignes shall pay the Legacyes afor named
into the hand[es] of John Heckeford my Brother to the use of his children
afornamed. And I wyll that John Heckeford my Brother shall have & dispose \all/ those
thir severall Legacies to his children bequeathed. untyll they shall accomplishe thir sev[er]all
ages of xxj years. And then I wyll that my Brother John shalbe accomptable and
pay unto his sayd children all the said severall Legacies and the use or p[ro]phett
ther of Arisinge that is after the rate of twelve pence, the pounde. by year . And so to
make payment of thir sev[er]all Legacies: & the use as aforsayd. unto eyther of them as they
shall Acomplyshe thir sev[er]all ages of xxj years: It[e]m I geve unto John Smythe
the sonne of Thomas Smythe of Tadingstone [Tattingstone] in Countie of Suffoke and Also h[is]
wyfe the sume of Tenne pounde\to be payd/ w[i]t[h]in Two year[es] after my dessese

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Also my will and mening is that my Brother Thomas Smythe shall Recayve
the legecye aforsaid dewe to his sonne as aforsayd at the tyme aforsayd and geve the aforsayd
William Heckford aquitanc for the same; and shalle be Counttable to the aforsayd
John Smythe his sonne for the aforsayd Sume of Tenne poundes and for the usse
of the same after the Ratt [rate] of xijd the pound when the sayd John Smythe shall
Acompleshe the age of xxj year[es] It[e]m I geve and bequeth unto david Heckford
my Brother the Sume of Tenne poundes to be payd unto him Att the age of
xxj year[es] Allso my well and mening is that yf the aforsayd John William or
Thomas Heckford or Elizabeth or Anna Heckeford the Cheldren of the aforsad
John and Parnell do dep[ar]t this life bfor thay come to the age of xxj yeares then
I will that thar p[ar]t so dessesed shall be deveded amonge them that be then liveing
eqally It[e]m I geve unto William Heckford my bedsted w[i]th a bed as yt is furshed [furnished?]
standing at his owne Howse and my best doblet and brecheshe [breeches] It[e]m I geve unto
my Brother John Pollard my best Cloke being at Elmsted: And to this
my last well and Testeament I do ordayne Constetut and apoynt my
Brother William Heckford of Elmstead to be my soll Executor to se my body
bestoued my legeces disscharged and my will in evry poynt to be fullfilled as
my suer Trust and Confidnce in thim is

Will[ia]m Bendyshe                 [probably testator's initials? T H]
Thomas Chandler
Tho[mas] Collen
his marke
[Latin paragraph to say probate was granted on 25th May 1621 ]

SourceMersea Museum