ID: MARG_275

TitleWill of William Browne of West Mersea 1644
AbstractWill of William Browne, husbandman of West Mersea 1644, transcribed from ERO D/ACW 14/188

Transcription by Meg Ross February 2022

Date of will Easter week 1644
Date of probate 6 July 1646

Elizabeth Wood (sister), Thomas Browne (brother)
Mary Locke (fellow servant)
Joanne Lynn, Johannis Gale, Phillippi Johnson (witnesses)

1   Memorandum. That in Easter weeke Anno
2   d[omi]ni 1644. William Browne of Westmersey
3   in the Countie of Essex husbandmnan being
4   sicke in bodie but of sound & good memory did
5   make & declare his last will & Testament
6   Nuncupative or disposition of his estate in
7   these or the like words followinge Vidze he
8   gave & bequeathed to his Sister Elizabeth
9   Wood Five pounds And to Mary Lock his
10   fellow servant for the care she had of him
11   in time of his sicknesse he gave & bequeathed
12   the summe of Fortie shillings. All the rest
13   of his goods & estate whatsoever he willed
14   & bequeathed unto Thomas Browne his
15   Brother. w[i]th or the like words he uttered &
16   spake in the p[re]sence & hearinge of Joane
17   Lynn & John Gale. And soone after that he
18   the said William Browne had declared his
19   will as above is specified and Philip Johnson
20   came to visit him And then againe the saide
21   William did repeate & declare unto the saide
22   Philip his will & minde \in words/ to the effect above
23   recited.
            Joanne Lynn
            Joh[ann]is Gale
            Phillippi Johnson

[Probate clause]
Proved at Kelvedon
6th July 1646 in the presence [coram] of Hector
Ford, Master of Arts, Surrogate &c on the oath [iuramento] of the said witnesses
and administration [of this testament?] granted to Thomas Browne
[the first executor?] to well & truly[?] &c sworn

NB Phrases like 'to well and faithfully administer the will' are often abbreviated to 'to well etc'

Publishedc27 March 1644
SourceMersea Museum