ID: MARG_261

TitleWill of Denise Denot of West Mersea 1530
AbstractWill of of Denise [Denyse] Denot widow of West Mersea, 14 December 1530 transcribed from ERO ref: D/ACR 2/244/2

Transcribed by Jackie Twinn, notes by Sue Howlett May 2022

Date of will 14 December 1530.

Her soul to God, the Virgin Mary and all saints, and her body to be buried in West Mersea churchyard;
4 pence to the High Altar of WM church, in lieu of forgotten tithes;

To John Whyter, her son-in-law, her house and land called Denots in WM.
He to pay £6 13s 4s within 7 years, out of which he should pay her daughter Isabel Whyter 20s, and her daughter Agnes Bealde 20s.
John Whyter should also pay 20 shillings for a priest to sing 45 masses in West Mersea Church, for the souls of Denise Denot and all her friends.
He is also to sell her brass pot for the highest price offered.

The residue of all the deceased's property goes to John Whyter to pay for her burial and debts, and in deeds of charity for the welfare of her soul.
John Whyter is to be her executor.

Witnesses to the will: Stephen Benet, Thomas Fores, John Furton and others.

1.   In the name of god amen the xiiijth [14th] day of decembr[e]
2.   in the yer[e] of our[e] lorde god Ml xxxti [1530] I Denyse Denot
3.   of westm[er]sey wedow being of hole mind and good
4.   reme[m]braunce thankyd to Jh[es]u do orden and make this to
5.   be my 'very trew testame[n]t & laste will in this maner
6.   and forme folowyng Firstly y bequeth my soule to al
7.   myghti god and to our[e] blissed lady his mother &v[ir]gyn
8.   and to all the holy & blissed co[m]pany of hevyn and my
9.   body to be buried in the churchyarde of westm[er]sey be
10.   foresaide Item I bequeth unto the hie Awter of the
11.   forsaide church for my tythys forgoton iiij [4]d Item I will
12.   that John Whyter my sone in lawe shalhave my house
13.   & lande called denott[es] lying in westm[er]sey beforsaid
14.   To have & to hold to hym & to his heir[es] for ev[er] paying
15.   therfore vjli [6 li = £6] xiijs [13s] iiijd [4d] sterlyng w[i]t[h]in the space of vij yer[es]
16.   next ensuying after my deth of the which y give to
17.   Agnes Bealde my doughter xx [20]s Item to Isabel Whit
18.   ter my doughter xx [20]s Item to an honest prest
19.   xv [15]s for syng xlv [45] masses in westm[er]sey church for my soule
20.   and all my frynd[es] soullis Item I will that John Whit
21.   ter sell my bras pott to hym that will give moste for it
22.   The residue of all myn other good[es] catell[es] [ie chattels] & dett[es I do
23.   Frely give them unto the forsaid John Whitter to se [ie see] my
24.   body brought honestly to the erth paying my dett[es] &
25.   to do for me in ded[es] of Charite as it shall seme hyme moste
26.   best to the plesur[e] of god and helth of my soule & all cristen
27.   sowlles & I do orden & make the forsaid John Whitter exe
28.   cutor of this p[re]sent testame[n]t & laste wille Thes being
29.   witnes George gowr[e] clerke [ie priest] Stephyn
30.   benet Thomas For[es] John Furton with other

Published14 December 1530
SourceMersea Museum