ID: MARG_258

TitleWill of Ralph Vinour of East Mersea 1517
AbstractWill of Ralph Vinour of East Mersea 17 November 1517 transcribed from ERO D/ACR 2/65/1

Transcription by Beverley Smith & Meg Ross February 2022

Test[amentu]m Radulphi Vyno{ur} de Estm[er]sey

1   In the name of god Amen the yer[e] of our[e] lorde god M\l/ V\c/ xvij
2   day of nove[m]bre I Raff Vino[ur]r of the parish of Estm[er]sey w[]t[h] hole in minde
3   and of gode reme[m]brans make this my will in forme folow
4   yng First I bequeth my sowlle to almyghti god & his mother
5   saynt mary & to all the company of hevyn to pray for me
6   my body to be buried in the churchyard of saynt Edm[u]nde
7   my parish church Item I bequeth to the hie Awt[er] xij pence I[tem] I
8   bequeth to a seculer prest for a tryntall of masses to besaid
9   for me in the saide church xs [ten shillilngs] to ev[er]y of my godchilder
10   viijd (8d) Item I bequeth to my wiff a Cotage w[i]t[h] v Acres of gronde
11   the which y dwell,and termeof her liff and aft[er] her decesse y
12   will that Thomas my sone have it and if he die I will
13   that Richard have it and [if] he die I will that Edward have
14   it and the Eldest gyve the younger xls [40 shillings]to be paide w[i]t[h]in
15   the space of iij yere And he that have it to Kepe an obet yerly
16   for me & my wiff I make myn[e] executo[ur]s my wiff & John
17   Bowe to dispose the residue of my good[es]s & to bryng up my
18   Children. And he to have for his labur iijs iiijd the yer[e]
19   and day a bovesaide Thes beyng witnes s[ir] Thomas
20   Burton & John Flowre w[i]t[h] other

Keywordsvynour, viner
SourceMersea Museum