ID: MARG_254

TitleWill of Mary Flingant of East Mersea 1640
AbstractWill of Mary Flingant widow of East Mersea 4 December 1640 transcribed from ERO D/ACW 13/308

Transcription by Jill Waters December 2021

Date of will 4 December 1640

People mentioned are
Lettice Flingant - daughter Thomas Flingant - son
Richard Rumnie of Wigborow magna - cousin and executor
Susan Cartar - cousin
Thomas Reade
Israel Edward - signatory
Thomas Harris - signatory

Places mentioned
Colchester (St Botolph), Layer de la Haye, Great Wigborough

1.   In the name of God Amen: the 4 th day of Dece[m]ber in the sixteene yeare
2.   of the raigne of o[ur] Soveraigne Lord kinge Charles of England Scotland e[t]c
3.   kinge & in the yeare of our Lord God 1640. I Mary Flinga[n]t of Eastmersey
4.   in the Cou[n]ty of Essex widdow beinge sicke in body but thankes be given to God
5.   in p[er]fect & good memory, doe ordaine & make this my last will & Testame[n]t in ma[n]ner
6.   & forme followinge:
7.   Impr[imis] I bequeath my soule into the ha[n]ds of Allmighty God my Creator
8.   trustinge through the merits of Jesus Christ my Saviour & Redeemer to
9.   obtaine the pardon of all my sinnes & after this miserable life ended to obtaine
10.   everlastinge Life. - My body I bequeath to the Earth to be buried at the
11.   discretion of my Executor or Executors hereafter mentioned.
12.   It[em] I give unto the poore of the Parish of Eastmersey ten shillings to be distributed
13.   w[i]thin six monthes after my decease at the discretio[n] of the Parson of Eastmersey
14.   & the Churchwardens
15.   It[em] I give unto my Daughter Lettice Flinga[n]t all my la[n]ds & Tenements Coppy
16.   & free lyinge in the <> towne of Colchester & parish of St Buttolph in
17.   the same towne, & Layer de la <> Hay in the Cou[n]ty aforesaid.
18.   It[em] I give unto my Daughter Lettice one halfe of my Goods, Chattells &
19.   moveables, my debts & Funerall Charges paid.
20.   It[em] the other halfe of my goods, my debts & funerall charges paid I give unto
21.   Thomas Flinga[n]t my sonne, upo[n] this co[n]ditio[n] that if I should not for wa[n]t of
22.   Tena[n]ts surrender my Coppiehold, that my said sonne Thomas, when he comes to
23.   <> the full age of twentie & one yeares, surrender & release the said Coppyhold lyinge
24.   in Laer de la hay, otherwise if he refuse soe to doe, my former gift to be voide and
25.   I give unto <> him onely forty shillings, & <> the remainder to my daughter
26.   Lettice
27.   And my will & meaninge is that my Executor hereafter named shall have the benefit
28.   of all my stocke for & towardes the educatinge of my Daughter Lettice & repaireinge
29.   of the Tenements, <> untill my sonne Thomas acco[m]plish his age of twenty & one years
30.   & my daughter accomplish the said age, or u[n]till her day of marriage w[hic]hshall
31.   first happen. And my will is that if either of my Children should die that the
32.   surviver should enjoy the others part.
33.   It[em] lastly I make & appoint my Cosen Richard Rumnie of Wigborow magna in the
34.   Cou[n]ty of Essex yeoman my sole Executor of this my last will & testame[n]t to
35.   paie my debts, to see my body decently interred & to bringe up my daughter Lettice, &
36.   my desire is that <> he might have the bringinge up of my sonne Thomas, if those to whome
37.   his Gardianship shall belonge will give reasonable consideratio[n]
38.   And for as much as that I consider <> the frailety of life, & that my Children may die
39.   before they acco[m]plish theire severall ages, I doe therfore ordaine & appoint t[ha]t if my Children
40.   should die before the acco[m]plishment of therie severall ages, that my Executor shall paie
41.   unto Susa[n] Cartar my Cosen ten pou[n]ds, & to Thom: Reade his two Children five pou[n]ds
42.   a peice & all the remainder to my Executor, And in wittnesse hereof I have hereto
43.   set my hand seale the day & yeare first above written
44.   Israel Edwardes           Signed Mary Flingant
45.   Tho: Harris

SourceMersea Museum