ID: MARG_253

TitleWill of John Wells of West Mersea 1627
AbstractWill of John Wells, tailor of West Mersea, 9 October 1627, transcribed from ERO D/ABW 49/306

Transcription by Jill Waters January 2022

Date of Will 9th October, 1627

People mentioned are:
Marie - his sister and wife of William Beckett
William Beckett
John Beckett
Haddlies (?) - kinswoman and her two children John and Elizabeth
Timothy Boyed - executor

1.   In the name of god amen the nynth day of October in the
2.   third yeare of the Raygne of our Soveraygne Lord Charles
3.   of England Scottland France and Ireland kinge defendor
4.   of the fayth & in Anno Dom[in]i 1627: I John Wells of westm
5.   ersea in the Countie of Essex Tayllor beinge sicke of
6.   bodie but of sounde and p[er]fett mynde and memorie
7.   Thankes be given to god for it doe ordayne and make
8.   this my last will and Testament in mannor and
9.   forme foll\ow/inge first and prinsipallie I bequeathe my
10.   soule to allmyghtie god who gave it and my bodie to be
11.   buryed where it shall please god to apoynte and as for
12.   my worldlie goods I dispose of them as followeth
13.   It[em] I give and bequeathe unto
14.   Marie my sister the wif of Willi[a]m Beckett one holloon
15.   sheete a dyaper Table cloth and two pillowbeers : It[em]
16.   I give unto Willi[a]m Beckett my brotherlawe one payer
17.   of Taylores sheeres : It[em] I give and bequeath
18.   unto John Beckett my kynsman my Cloake my
19.   Best britches and best Jerkyn w[i]th a payer of Stockins
20.   and a band Allso I give unto him the sayd John
21.   my kinsman my least weanell and a Ewesheepe: allso
22.   I give unto him the sayd John Beckett my kinsman
23.   the whole and full summ of thirtie shillinges of good
24.   and lawfull monie of England to be payde unto
25.   him the sayd John within one whole yeare after my
26.   desease by my Executor herafter named It[em] I give
27.   and bequeath unto Willi[a]m Beckett my kinsman the
28.   best of my two weanell Cowcalves and two Ewesheep
29.   and on brassepott nowe in the handes of Willi[a]m Beckett
30.   his father Allso I give unto him the sayd Willi[a]m my
31.   kinsman my Coppbord and my byble all which
32.   I will shall be delivered him p[re]sentlie after my dese
33.   ase Allso I give unto him the sayd Willi[a]m Beckett my
34.   kynsman the whole and full sume of thre poundes of
35.   good and lawfull monie of England to be payde unto
36.   him the sayd Willi[a]m w[i]thin one whole yeare after my
37.   desease by my Executor herafter named and allso
38.   I will that if eyther of the two brotheres John or Willi[a]m
39.   doe happen to dep[ar]te theyr natturall life before they
40.   shall com to or receyve theyr sayd legasies then th[e]other
41.   to be his Eyer It[em] I give unto my kinswoman Haddlies
42.   two Chilldren John and Ellsabeth five shillinges a peece
43.   to be payd unto them w[i]thin six monthes after my des
44.   ease by my Executor herafter named I give unto
45.   Tymothie Boyed ii s vi d att Cristmas next after
46.   my desease by my Executor

Published9 October 1627
SourceMersea Museum