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TitleWill of Sarah Freake 1630
AbstractWill of Sarey [Sarah] Freake of East Mersea 17 November 1630 transcribed from Essex Record Office D/ACW 11/208

Transcribed by Meg Ross December 2021

Will of Sarah Freake of East Mersea in the Diocess of London
Date of Will 17 November 1630

Mentions brother Francis Farran, sister Tabither, daughter Mary, her brother Thomas
Margaret Farron, Susan Carter, master Edwardes, Executor William Rayner
Witnesses Marmaduke Paley, John Tunbinge, Thomas Harris

Tenement called Ardoles

1.   In the name of god Amen in the year of our Lord god 1630: on the xviith daye of november I Sareye ffreake of Eastm[er]sey in the
2.   doyeses of London beinge seecke in bodye but perfect in rembmbrence thankes be gven to god do ordayne and make this my Laste
3   will and testement in manner and forme folowinge: fyrst I Commend my soule into the handes of allmyghtye god my
4.   Crehatour: and to Jesus Criste my onlye sovior and redemer and my bodye to the Earth. And the worldye godes which
5.   god of his Mercy hath Lente to mee I gyve them as Followeth Fyrst I gyve to \marye my daughter/ all my warring Aparrell both linnen
6.   and woollen and I do gyve to her Fower and twentye pound of lawfull monye of england to be payd to her Brother Thomas
7.   Freake with In six monthes after my decease to the ueese of Marye my daughter and the sayd Thomas to enter into
8.   bond and stand bound marye my daughter to paye the sayd monye to her at her age of xviij yeares. And I do gyve to Marye
9.   my daughter the Cubbard standinge in the hall A flocke bed A trundell bed stead With a liney woolsey blanket A Coveringe &
10.   A fether boulster: A daske cheste standing under the soller window with a littell boxe in the Chamber Also I do gyve to
11.   her vi of my best pewllter dyshes A casting carcher A barring sheete & A Fall with a payer of holland pellow beares
12.   knotted Item I do gyve to Thomas Freake the Rentes and proffetes of the Tennenent \called/ Ardoles till
13.   till [sic] my daughter do cume to the age xviii yeares and then the proffetes ther of I do gyve them to marye my
14.   daughter for solonge tyme as it was gvene to mee Item I do gyve to mary my daughter my best sillver
15.   spoone. Item I do gyve Francis Farran my brother Fortye shillinges to be payd to him with in vi monthes after my
16.   decease Item I do gyve to Tabyther my syster Fortye shillinges to be payd to her within vi monthes after my decease
17.   Item I gyve to Thomas Freake the tabell in the hall and the paynted Clothes in the hall and the parler and the littell Mare
18.   Coult Item I gyve to Margret Farron xx s[hillings] toward the bringing up her Child Item I give to Sousand [Susan] Cartter
19.   A yonge yeaue sheepe to be payd to her within on month after my decease Item I do gyve x s[hillings] to the poorest peopell of
20.   Eastm[er]sey item I do deseyer master Edwardes to make A sermond at my buriall and I do gyve him x s[hillings] for his paynes
21.   Item my will and mynd is that if it be the will of god that Marye my daughter do depart this lyf befor she Acomplishe
22.   the age of xviij yeares then the seayd xxiiijl gven to her shall bee equealye devyded vll therof to Francis my Brother and
23.   vil to Tabyther my sister and the other twelve pound to my Excetor her under named All the Rest of my
24.   godes moueabell and unmoueabell I do gyve them to William Rayner and do Apoynt him to be my Excetor to
25.   paye my deptes to performe my will and to see my bodye sembelye (ie seemlily) brought to the Earth witnes that this
26.   is my will Revoaking all former willes to this I do set to my hand and seale the daye and year above written and
27.   deliver it to my Excetor in the presence of

Marmaduke Paley[?]   The Mark of Sarye Freake
John Tunbinge ?
His marke
And Tho[mas] Harris

Linsey-woolsey is a coarse twill or plain-woven fabric woven with a linen warp and a woollen weft.
A casting carcher [kercher](a cloth associated with childbirth) A barring sheete (cloth to wrap young baby, perhaps at baptism) & A Fall (possibly 'Fell': skin of a sheep or other animal) with a payer of holland pellow beares (pillow cases)

Published17 November 1630
SourceMersea Museum