ID: MARG_246

TitleWill of Robert Wolvet of West Mersea 1517
AbstractWill of Robert Wolvet of West Mersea 1517 transcribed from ERO D/ACR 2/72/1

Transcription by Elaine Barker and Jenny Ennew November 2021

In this pre-Reformation will, written in 1517, Robert Wolvet makes provision for masses to be said for his soul, a light to burn before the sepulchre and money to gild the cross in the Church of St. Peter and Paul, West Mersea. He also leaves money to be used for the repairs to the Strood. He leaves his wife three properties for as long as she lives, Dynatts, Fynchys and Brewers, and all his goods. Following his wife's death son John is to have Dynatts, son Robert Fynchys and daughter, Agnes, Brewers, and all his goods split between the three children. He also makes monetary bequests to Agnes Wolvet, daughter of John and Jone, daughter of Robert, to Paul's Pardon in London (a medieval churchyard that lay within the precinct of St Paul's) and any residue towards ensuring the health of his soul.

He appoints his two sons, John and Robert, executors and the supervisor, Pollard; they are to receive payment for their pains.

The will is witnessed by Sir William Huete, Henry Lyarde and Robert Ive.

Test[amentu]m Roberti Wolvet de West M[er]sey
1.   In the name of god Amen the yer[e] of our[e] lorde m t v c xvij th [1517]
2.   I Robert Wolvet of Westm[er]sey beyng of hole mynde &
3.   good reme[m]brance make my testame[n]t and laste will
4.   aft[er] this man[er] folowyng First I bequeth my soule
5.   unto almyghti god our lady saynt mary & all the ho
6.   ly company of hevyn my body to be buried in the
7.   churchyard of petyr & poull in Westm[er]sey Item I be
8.   queth to the high Awt[er] [altar] for tithes forgoten ijs Item to
9.   poulles pardon iiijd Item I bequeth to a secular p[re]ste
10.   to celebrate for me a tryntall of masses xs
11.   Item I bequeth to the church aforsaide a Cowe p[ri]c[e] xs
12.   to upholde a taper of iiij li[bre] [4lb] wax afore the sepulcre It[e]m
13.   y bequeth to the gyldyng of the Rode lofte vjs viijd
14.   Item to the hiewaye a boute the strode wher moste
15.   nede requyres xls Item I bequeth to Agnes Wolvet
16.   the dought[er] of John Wolvet vjs viijd Item I bequeth
17.   to my wiff iij teneme[n]t[es] called Dynatt[es] Fynchys
18.   and Brewers And all my good[es] both moveable &
19.   unmoveable for terme of her liff And aft[er] her decese
20.   y will that John Wolvet my son have the teneme[n]t
21.   called Dynatt[es] w[i]t[h] the purten[au]nc[es] longyng therto
22.   paying oute of the saide teneme[n]t vjli[bre] xiijs iiijd [£6:13:4]
23.   this to bepaide by the spase of xj yer[e] Also y will
24.   that Robert Wolvet my son \have/ aft[er] the decesse of my
25.   wiff a teneme[n]t called Fynches w[i]t[h] the purten[au]nc[es]
26.   paying therof xxs to be paide by the spase of iiijer yer[e]
27.   Item I bequeth to Agnes Wolvet my dought[er] a Teneme[n]t
28.   called bruers w[i]t[h] the p[ur]ten[au]nce paying oute of the saide
29.   Teneme[n]t xls to be paide by the spase of vj yer[e] Item
30.   y will that after the decesse of my wiff that all my
31.   howsolde be equally divided a monge my iij childern
32.   that is to saye John Robert and Agnes It[e]m I bequeth
33.   to Jone Wolvet the dought[er] of Robert Wulvet vjs viijd
34.   The Residue of my good[es] not bequethed y gyve to
35.   myn executors to dispose for the helth of my soule
36.   And John Wolvet & Robert Wolvet my sonnes y or
37.   den & make myn executors And also y make Pollard
38.   my sup[er]visor and thei iij to have for ther laburs xs
39.   equally divided Thes beryng witnes S[ir] Willia[m]
40.   huete henry lyarde Robert Ive w[i]t[h] other

SourceMersea Museum