ID: MARG_245

TitleWill of Richard Kynot of East Mersea, 1523
AbstractWill of Richard Kynot of East Mersea dated 1523 transcribed from Essex Record Office document D/ACR 2/156/1.

Transcription and abstract by Trevor Hearn November 2021

Richard Kynot of East Mersea
Wife Margaret

Date of will: 1523
Date of death: unknown
Date of Probate: unknown

Testator requests to be buried in East Mersea churchyard.

Bequeaths house, land and all other goods to his wife Margaret who is responsible for burying Richard and settling all debts. Margaret is appointed sole executrix.

Witnessed by Richard Talbot, priest of East Mersea church and John Martill.

Transcription of the Will
1   Test[amentu]m Ricardi kynot de Estm[er]sey
2   In dei no[m]i[n]e Amen The ye[a]r of ou[r]e lorde god m[i]l[le] vc & xxiijti I Richard
3   kynot of Estm[er]sey in the Countie of Essex and dioc[ese] of londo[n]n hole
4   of mynde & in my good memory being thanks be almighti[e] god
5   make & ord[a]in this my p[re]sent testame[n]t and laste will in man[ner]
6   and forme folowyng First I bequeth my soule to almighti[e] god
7   and lady saynt mary and to all the holy company of he[a]v[e]n
8   my body to be buried in the churchyarde of Estm[er]sey aforsaid
9   Ite[m] I will that Margaret my wiff shall have my house & my
10   lande to her and to her assignes Also I give and bequeth to the
11   same Margaret my wiff all myn[e] other good[es] moveable and
12   unmoveable she burying my body and paying my dett[es] The
13   which Margaret I make my sole Executrix This beying witnes
14   S[ig]n[ed] Richard Talbot parish prest ther I s[i]gn with John Mar-
15   till and other

Modern English translation of the will

Last Will and Testament of Richard Kynot of East Mersea

In the name of God, Amen. 1523.
I Richard Kynot of East Mersea in the county of Essex and diocese of London, being
of sound mind and perfect memory, hereby make and ordain this to be my last
will and testament as follows:

First, I bequeath my soul to Almighty God, St Mary and the whole company of heaven.
I desire to be buried in the churchyard at East Mersea church. I bequeath to my wife
Margaret, and her assignees, my house and land together with all my other goods both
moveable and unmoveable. Margaret is to arrange burial of my body and the settlement
of my debts. I appoint my wife Margaret to be my sole executrix.

Signed in the presence of the witnesses: Richard Talbot, priest at East Mersea and
John Martill.

SourceMersea Museum