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TitleWill of Adam King Innkeeper of West Mersea 1819
AbstractWill of Adam King, Innkeeper of West Mersea, Probate 28 April 1819, transcribed from Essex Record Office D/ABW 122/2/33

Transcribed by Tony Millatt October 2021

Written 27 November 1811
Died 1 November 1818 [ buried West Mersea 4 Nov 1818 age 65 years WMP_BUR_004_008_071 ]
Probate 28 April 1819 before Nathaniel Forster
Wife Rachel [née Boatman from Paglesham 1841 Census Rachael King living Mersea Street age 80. 12 Oct 1842 Burial West Mersea Rachael King age 86 (date unclear) WMP_BUR_008_052 ]
1. Son Samuel Boatman King oyster merchant [Samuel married Charlotte Cooke of West Mersea at WM Parish Church 25 Aug 1812]
2. Son Boatman King
3. Daughter Sarah King
4. Daughter Mary Howard [ also spelt Haward ] wife of William Howard oyster merchant of West Mersea [Married in 1804. William was a widower (from Chris Kirkman)]
Witnesses James Hurrell, plumber and glazier, and W. Sparling Jun. of Colchester.

Adam King's estate was divided in four and left to the two sons and two daughters listed above.

1. This is the last Will and Testament
2. of me Adam King of West Mersea in the County
3. of Essex Innkeeper as follows that is to say After
4. payment of my just debts Funeral Testamentary
5. and other incidental charges and expenses I give
6. bequeath unto my loving Wife Rachel -
7. the use but not the Property of all and .igular
8. my Personal Estate and Effects whatsoever and
9. soever the same may be or consist at the time of
10. my decease For and during the Term of the natural
11. life And from and after her decease I direct my -
12. Executor hereinafter named to sell and dispose thereof
13. and of every part thereof with all convenient speed
14. And my will is that my said Executors shall stand
15. possesed of the produce arising therefrom upon the
16. Trusts following that is to say - As to one equal -
17. fourth part thereof In trust to pay the same
18. to my son Samuel Boatman King his Executors or
19. Administrators for his and their own use and benefit
20. absolutely As to one other equal fourth part thereof
21. In Trust to pay the same to my son Boatman King his
22. Executor or Administrator for his and their own use and
23. benefit absolutely As to one other equal fourth part
24. thereof In trust to pay the same to my Daughter Sarah
25. King her Executor or Administrator further for her or their own
26. use and benefit absolutely And as to the remaining -
27. fourth part of share thereof upon Trust to place the
28. same out at Interest in or upon any of the Parliamentary
29. Stocks or funds of Great Britain or on Real Security in
30. England at Interest and to vary after or transpose such
31. Stocks Funds or Securities as often as shall seem expedient
32. And upon further Trust to pay apply and dispose of
33. the Interest or Dividends thereof to and for the sole and
34. separate use and benefit of my Daughter Mary
35. Howard the wife of William Howard of West Mersea
36. aforesaid Oyster Merchant And my will is that
37. same shall be received and enjoyed by her Exclusive of her
38. present or any future husband and shall not be
39. subject or liable to his Debts C... or Engagements

James HurrellThe Mark X of
W. Sparling Jun..       Adam King

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40. And I do hereby declare that the Receipt or Receipts
41. of my said Daughter shal from time to time be a good
42. and sufficient Discharge and good and sufficient
43. Discharge to my said Executor And from and after her
44. decease In trust to pay and divide a transfer of the said
45. Stocks Funds or Securities unto and amongst all and -
46. every the Child and Children of her my said Daughter
47. Mary Howard equally to be divided between them share
48. and share alike if more than one as and when he she
49. or they shall attain the age or ages of twenty one years
50. But in case my said Daughter Mary Howard shall -
51. depart this life without leaving issue at the time of her
52. decease In trust to pay apply or transfer the said stocks
53. Funds and Securities unto and amongst my said three
54. Children Samuel Boatman King Boatman King and
55. Sarah King equally to be divided between or among them
56. shall and share alike and I do hereby nominate
57. and appoint my said wife Rachael King and my said
58. Daughter Mary Howard Executrises and my friend
59. Thomas Overall of West mersea aforesaid Oyster
60. Merchant and my said Son Samuel Boatman
61. King Executor of this my Will and revoking all
62. others by me at any time heretofore made I declare
63. this only to be my last Will and Testament In
64. Witness whereof I the said Adam King the Testator
65. have to this my last Will and Testament contained
66. in two sheets of Paper set my hand to the first sheet
67. thereof and my and and Seal to this second and
68. last sheet thereof the Twenty Seventh day of November
69. in the year of our Lord One Thousand and Eight Hundred
70. and Eleven.

Signed Sealed Published and Declared} The Mark of
by the said Adam King the Testator as -}
and for his last Will and Testament in} Adam King X
the presence of us who in his presence at his   }
request and in the presence of each other}
have hereunto subscribed our Names and -}
WitnessJames Hurrell West Mersea
    Plumber & Glazier
W. Sparling Junr

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The twenty eighth day of April 1819
Rachel King of the Parish of West Mersea Widow of the
deceased, and Samuel Boatman King of the same
parish Oyster Merchant Son of the deceased, and
of the Executrices & one of the Executors within named were
sworn to the truth of this will to the ...
therof (however being so served to Mrs Mary Haward daughter
of the deceased & ... Oyster Merchant of the same
Parish) another Executrix & Executor named in the said

Before Mr Nathl. Forster Surrogate

Sworn under the value of eight hundred pounds
The Testator died in the Parish of West Mersea Co. Essex
on the first day of November 1818.

Proved on the twenty eighth day of April in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and nineteen
before the Reverend Nathaniel Forster, Clerk Surrogate, .. by the Oath of Rachael King the widow and Samuel Boatman King, the son of the deceased one of the Executrise
and Executor within named to whom Ad... was granted they being first sworn
duly to Administer (Power being reserved of making the like grant to Mary
Haward and Thomas Overall the other Executors when they shall lawfully
apply for the same).

Published28 Apr 1819
SourceMersea Museum