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TitleInventory Robert Harrison blacksmith, Peldon, 1808
AbstractInventory Robert Harrison blacksmith, Peldon, 1808 transcribed from ERO ref:A13779 Cat ref: D/DU 2878

Abstract and Transcription by Elaine Barker September 2021

This inventory of Robert Harrison's home and smithy following his death in 1808 was taken by Samuel Bullock. He goes through the house room by room, the Keeping Room, [a living room by the kitchen], Parlour, Kitchen, Pantry, Ale Cellar, Chamber over House, Chamber over Parlour, Blacksmith's Shop also Stable and Yard. The total value is estimated at £72 13s and 9d.

An Inventory and Appraisement of the Household Goods
and Furniture, Stock in Trade in a Blacksmith's Shop, & other
Effects of the late Robert Harrison of Peldon Deceas[e]d taken
the 16th of March 1808 By Sam[ue]l Bullock of Peldon Essex

In Keeping Room A Coal Rang [Range?] & Trammel [ a support for cooking pots in fireplace], A fender, Poker, tongs & Sifter, a dirt Pan a hanger,
a Smal Poker 4 Iron Candle Sticks, a tin Lamp, a toast fork a Pair of Bellows a Crotch
Skewer, a Windup Jack, Pullys & Weight; a Book Shelf & a few old Books a Pott shelf & 2 Stone
Potts, a Spice Box & Drawers; a Joint Stooll & Slide table, [Note 1] 1 Oval fram[e]d table 1 Square d[itt]o and
a drawer; a Deal dresser with Cupboards & Drawers & a Pewter Case Over; 5 Pewter Dishes
& 16 d[itt]o Plates, an Eight day Clock by Cooper in Old Painted Case , 4 old Rush, bottom Chairs
& 1 Arm[e]d Chair.
In Parlor A bedstedle & Yellow hangings, feather=bed, 2 Bolsters & 1 Pillow & 1 Quilt, very old, 1 Large
Oval table 1 half Round table, & lap & Box; 1 Pillar & Claw teaTable all three Wainscotts [Note 2] a Wallnut:
tree, Night Chair, 6 Walnuttree Stuft bottoms Chairs Check Covers; a Wallnutree Chest with
drawers, a Swing glass, box framed drawers; 2 Mahogony tea Boards 1 d[itt]o Waiter; [Note 3]1 Blue
& white tea Pot, 6 d[itt]o Cups & Saucers 1d[itt]o Bason; 6 Silver tea Spoons, 2 Table d[itt]o 1 Childs
Spoon & 1 P[ai]r of Tea tongs & silver Punch Ladle, a Corner Cupboard, in d[itt]o; a blue & white delf
Punch Bowl, 4 d[itt]o, Plates 2 d[itt]o dishes, 12 Stone Plates 1 d[itt]o Strainer, 1d[itt]o Pickle Plate , 1 Glass
Salt & 9 Wine & Punch Glasses; 6 flower[e]d China Cups & 6 d[itt]o Saucers, 1 Brown Teapott, 1 Pint
Brown Stone Mug; a Toal foulding Board./
In Kitchen A Brewing Copper; & Lids, & Iron furnace; a Brass kettle hung in Brickwork & Iron furnace
1 Mash tub 1 Underback, 4 Wort tubs, a Mash Stirer, hop Strainer; [Note 4] tap Oaz [hose?] & Cinder Seieve
a Needing [kneading] trough, a hog forme 2 Pails a Wash tub & Stooll & Woodbowl 1 handle dish
a Tramel, Iron Peal [Note 5] & fire fork; 2 Stone Mugs, a Lanthorn & Sundry triffels;
Pantry One Large Copper boiler. 1 Smaler d[itt]o: 2 d[itt]o: Saucepans, 2 d[itt]o: tea Kettles 1 d[itt]o Coffee Pott, one
Hogshead Cask & brass tap, 2 Old Small Casks, 1 Beer tunnel, 2 frying Pans Several pieces
of Stone & Earthen Ware & Sundrys Triffels:
Ale Cellar Two Hogshead Casks & 1 brass tap, 3 Smal Casks 3 Stone bottles 18 Glass d[itt]o I Pork tub 2 firkens
a Pewter tunnel, a Milk Pan a Baking dish; a Roasting Spitt & dripen Pan;
Chamber Over House A 4 Post Bedstedle, blue hangings, featherbed, bolster; under bed, 2 Sheets, 2 Blankets and Quilt
a Small bedstedle & beding; a dressing table, a Cloths Press, & a Large Oak Hutch; [Note 6]
Chamber Over Parlor An Old Bedstedle & blue Hangings & beding, very Ordinary, a Stump Bedstedle & beding & Sundrys;
In the Smiths Shop 2 Pair of Bellows, 2 Stone troughs; 2 Anvils, 2 Beek Irons, [Note 7] 2 Vice
Benches & 2 Vices; 2 Smiteing Hammers, & hand hammers, 2 Riveting d[itt]o 17 P[ai]r of tongs, 3 Pokers two
smal Shovels, 20 hard Chissels & Punches; a Screw Plate & taps; 2 Shoeing Boxes & tools, 1 P[ai]r Steelyard
& w[eigh]t a few files, Gimblets & nail tools & other Working tools; 1 Pail 1 Shovel; Cast Iron Mantle Iron dog [Note 8]

a Seale Beam & Seales 3 Lead Weights, 2 Brass d[itt]o Value in Shop17 9 6
Value of the Household furniture is Carried Over4617 3

£64 6 9
Inventory Continued
Brought Over64 6 9
In Stable An old Sadle & Bridle, Iron thill Sadle & Breechens, Collar and
Thillors bands, [Note 9]1 P[ai]r of Chain Cart traise [Note 10] & Bitt Halter, a Wheel
Barrow, & Sundry triffels, Value at 216 6
In Yard A Grindstone & Irons; trough & frame, a Tumbrell, [Note 11] Cart
a Hogs trough with Back & Swing Doors, a Pigs trough }
a Swill tub, & Pail, & a Water Pot, an old short Ladder Value 510 6

Whole Amount of Inventory7213 9
Sam[ue]l Bullock

Note 1: A slide table has a mechanisim to allow the top to open and close so leaves can be inserted]
Note 2: Wainscott = panelling on the lower part of internal walls
Note 3: a mahogany waiter = a 'dumb' waiter probably a three tiered table with three rotating shelves
Note 4: equipment connected with brewing. Mashing is the term given to the start of the brewing process, where crushed grains are mixed with water to form a porridge-like mixture called the "mash". An underback is a vessel used in brewing 'Wort' is the infusion of ground malt or other grain before fermentation,
Note 5: Iron peal: in metallurgy a brittle outer layer on a malleable iron casting.
Note 6: a chest-like cabinet
Note 7: beak-iron = the taper end of an anvil
Note 8: irondogs are the modern day andirons
Note 9: a thill harness is a harness for a draught horse, the set includes the items mentioned above, saddle, collar, breeching straps and buckles.
Note 10: traise = a trace is one of two, or more, straps, ropes or chains by which a carriage or wagon, or the like, is drawn by a harness horse or other draft animal.
Note 11: tumbrell = an open cart that tilts backwards to empty its load 

Published16 March 1808
SourceMersea Museum