ID: MARG_232

TitleLand transfer deed for Dawes between Henry Wyseman and Thomas Wyseman
AbstractLand transfer deed between Henry Wyseman and Thomas Wyseman 16 October 1600 transcribed from document in Essex Record Office D/P 77/13/1

Abstract by Tony Millatt
Transcription by Jenny Ennew and Elaine Barker August 2021

The land being transferred is known by the name of Dawes or Bacons and is in West Mersea. It consists of land and Tenements with a Barn built upon it. There is still a Dawes Lane in West Mersea, probably related to this land.
It is written proof that Henry Wyseman, son of Richard Wyseman of Tolleshunt D'Arcy, received payment of forty pounds from his brother Thomas Wyseman in payment for him (Henry) relinquishing his and his heirs rights to the lands tenements and appurtenances known as Dawes or Bacons in West Mersea. These now pass to Thomas Wyseman and his heirs.
It is dated 16 October in the 42nd year of the Reign of Queen Elizabeth.

This document is contained in ERO D/P 77/13/1 - the three other documents under this ID are Settlements and are not related to this document. The name is often spelled Wiseman.

1.   Be it knowen unto all men by thes present[es] That I Henry Wyseman one of the sonnes of
2.   Richarde Wyseman late of Tolleshunt Darcy in the Countie of Essex yoman Deceased Have had & receyved
3.   the Daie of the Date hereof Thomas Wyseman my Brother sonne and heire of the saide Richard
4.   The some of Forty pounds of Lawfull mony of England accordinge to the Testament and last
5.   will of the said Richard In Considerac[i]on whereof & for the brotherly love & affec[i]on w[hi]ch I the said Henry do
6.   beare unto the said Thomas And for div[er]s other good Cawses and Considerac[i]ons me specially moveinge
7.   have remised released graunted and Confirmed And by thes present[es] for me and myne heires do remise
8.   release graunt and Confirme unto the saide Thomas Wyseman his heires & Assignes for ever All
9.   the estate right Title intrest rev[er]c[i]on remaynder Condic[i]ons Limitac[i]ons entrees and demaund[es]
10.   whatsoever Which I the saide Henry nowe have or myn heires Executors and assignes or any
11.   Of us hereafter may have of in or to All those land[es] and Tenements w[i]th a Barne thereupon built
12.   w[i]thall & synguler ther appurten[au]nc[es] Called or knowen by the Name of Dawes al[ia]s or Bacons or by
13.   what other name or names soever scytuate lyinge and beinge in West m[er]sey in the saide
14.   County of Essex TO have & to hold the saide landes Tenement[es] and premises and every
15.   p[ar]te thereof unto the said Thomas Wyseman his heires and Assignes to the only p[ro]per use
16.   And behooff of the saide Thomas his heires Assignes for ever And I the saide Henry
17.   and myn heires the said land[es] Tenement[es] and p[re]mises and every p[ar]t thereof unto the saide
18.   Thomas his heires and Assignes against me myne heires and assignes shall Warrant
19.   And defend for ever by thes present[es] In witness wherof I the said Henry Wyseman
20.   Have hereruno put my hand and seale the sixtenth daie of October in the Two & Fortieth years of the Raigne of our Sov[er]aigne Ladie Elizabeth by the grace of god Quene of England Fraunce and Ireland Defender of the Faith &c[etera]
21.   Hen[ry] Wyseman

Published16 October 1600
SourceMersea Museum