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TitleWill of Thomas Freake of East Mersea
AbstractWill of Thomas Freake, Yeoman of East Mersea 1623 transcribed from Essex Record Office D/ACW 9/145

Trancription by Meg November 2021

Will dated 3 February 1623/4
Proved   26 February 1623/4
Wife Sarah
Son Thomas Freake
Daughter Marie Freake
Other people Steven Allan kinsman
  Robert Clarke kinsman
  Tabatha Fara [Farran ?] wife's sister
  Israel Edwards Minister of East Mersea
  John Pollard of East Mersea
  Arthur Fara, Frances Fara, Matthew Lurken - witnesses
Property Dog Hole in occupation of Rubie Nysome
  House and orchard in East Mersea in occuption of Mathew Lurking and held of the Manor of East Mersea Hall
  House in East Mersea held of the Manor of Reeves Hall.

1   In the name of God Amen the third day of Februari Anno Domi[n]e 1623 And In the one and Twentie yeare of
2   the Raign of o[ur] most Gratious Sov[er]ange Lord King James of England Scotland France and Eyerland Definder
3   of the faith &c and of Scotland: I Thomas Freake of Eastm[er]sey in the countie of Essex yeoman being
4   sicke in Body But of Good and p[er]fitt Remembranc thanks be to geven to god for yet; Revoking all
5   other former willes do ordayne Constitut and macke this my last will in maner and forme
6   following First I I geve and bequeaue my soull to Almightie God my Crator and to Jesus Christ my
7   Redemer by Hom[e] (whom) only my suer Trist and Confidence is to be saved and my Body to the Earth from whence
8   yet cam[e] It[e]m I geve and bequeaue unto Sarah my welbeloved Wyfe all those my landes and tenementes
9   liing and being in Westm[er]sey in the Tenor and Ocipation of Rubie Nysome of Westm[er]sey aforsayd Called or known
10   By the name of Doge holle or any other name or names whatsoev[er] they be called or knowne by for and
11   during the tym[e] and Tearme of seven yeares next after my dessease for and Towardes the Bringing up of
12   my Childern; and Then I geve those landes aforsayd \called doge holl/ unto Thomas Freake my sonne and to his hayers
13   for Ever It[e]m I geve unto Sarah my Wyfe my howse w[i]th a orchard and the apportanance there unto be
14   longing [ ... ] and Being In Eastm[er]sey in the Tenor and ocipaion of Mathew Lurking[?] and howldeth
15   of the maner of Eastm[er]sey halle for and duering the Tarme of Sexteen yeares next after my
16   dessease and after the Tarme aforsayd Expierrid I do geve and bequave my aforsayd house unto mari
17   Freake my daughter and to hur hayeres for Ever It[e]m I do geve unto Sarah my wyfe my howse
18   w[i]th the land and all the apportnances thar unto belonging that I do nowe dwell in liing and being in
19   Eastm[er]sey aforsayd and howldeth of the maner of Reve hall for and during the time and Tarme of
20   hur free Benche [Note 1] Item I geve unto Thomas freake my sonne my Best Posted Bed stonding in
21   the Parler w[i]th a Fether bed a Fether boulster and a flocke boulster Twoe fether pillowes a Cov[er]ing
22   a payer of Blanketes a Joined Chest Tenne Pawter platters to hime and his hayers and
23   my well and meaning is that Sarah my wife shall have the use of thess howsholld hear befor
24   bequeaved unto Thomas my sonn[e] untell he shall acomplesh the age of Thre and Twentie
25   yeares and then to be deliv[er]ed unto hym But yf Sarah my wife doth happen to dep[ar]t this life
26   or to marrie befor Thomas my sonne com[e ] to the age of Thre and twentie years then
27   I well that he shall have thess goodes befor spechfied or bequeaved at the day of death of Sarah
28   my wyfe or day of Ma[ri]edge which shall first happen It[e]m I geve unto Thomas my sonne my
29   Best dobblet and Brechess and my Best Clocke and my Russett Clocke or twentie shilling[es]
30   of lawfull mony of Englad att the decretion of min Executor[es] It[e]m I geve unto marie Freake
31   my daughter my Best bed save one wthall thinges Tharunto belonging to be deliv[er]ed unto
32   hur at the age of one and Twentie yeares or day of m[ar]eage which shall first happen
33   It[e]m I geve unto Steven Allan my kensman one Ewe shepe wt hur lame sucking on
34   hur Item I geve unto Rob[er]t Clarke my kensman Tenn Shillingse to be payd unto hym at the
35   age of one and twentie yeares It[e]m I geve unto Tabatha Fara my wyfes sister Two Pawter
36   Dishes and a lame of a yeare owld to be deliv[er]ed unto hur w[i]thin Thre monthes after my dessease
37   It[e]m I geve unto the poore of the p[ar]esh of Eastm[ers]ey the Sume of Twentie shillinges of Curent
38   mony of England to be distributed at the decretion of myn executors wthin Thre monthes after
39   my Dessease It[e]m I do geve and bequeave unto Israll Edwardes mynister of Eastm[er]sey for to
40   Preech a sarmon at my fuernerall Tenn shillinges It[e]m I do geve unto John Pollard of
41   Eastm[er]sey my Best Riding Coatt; all the Rest of my good unbqueaved I do geve unto Sarah
42   my wife. And| I do ordayne and macke Sarah my Wif and John Pollard of Easrm[er]sey
43   yeoman min Executores to this my will in Ev[er]y poynt p[er]formed and my Body in decent
44   sort[?] to be brought to the grownd as my suer Trist and Confidence in them is and to this
45   my last will and Testament I have set my hand and Sealle the day and yeare above written

in the p[re]sentes of us     The sign of
Arther FaraThomas Freake
his m[ar]ke
Franses Fara
his m[ar]ke
Matthew Lurken
his m[ar]ke

p[ro]bat[ur] apud Colc[hester] 26 Februarij 1623
[proved at Colchester 26 February 1623/4

Note 1 Free Bench: this phrase occurs occasionally in East Mersea manor court records. It allows a widow to retain her husband's property for the rest of her life provided she remains single

Published3 February 1623/4
SourceMersea Museum