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TitleJohn Cornelius Marriage Allegation 1641
AbstractJohn Cornelius Marriage Allegation [London and Surrey Marriage Bonds and Allegations] 1641

9 February

CorneliusThis Day appeared p[er]sonally John Cornelius of Peldon
Perinin the County of Essex Bachelor in Devinitey aged
about 36 yeares & a bachelor & alloweth th[a]t he intendeth
to m[ar]ie with Elizabeth Perin of Doddinghurst in the
Juratsame County spinster aged 25 yeares and hee not knowing
H Dillinghamany lawfull impedim[en]t what soev[er] to hinder this intended
m[ar]iage & of the truth of the p[re]misses he made faith &
Desyred lycence to be m[ar]ied in the p[ar]ish Church either
of Doddinghurst afores[ai]d or of Keldon Hatch or
gratis m[agister] Dillingham     Blackmore in the County of Essex afores[ai]d
John Cornelius

[The marriage took place at Kelvedon Hatch on 14th June 1641. It is estimated Cornelius was born in 1605 and Elizabeth in 1616.

Marriage allegations were an official announcement of an engagement and intention to marry. The licence had to be paid for and therefore it became a sign of social standing. The bride and groom did not have to appear to hear banns three weeks running and their marriage could be private.]

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Sequestration of The Reverend John Cornelius

Published9 February 1641
SourceMersea Museum