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TitleWill of Samuel Munt of Peldon Hall 1653 National Archives PROB 11/275/327
AbstractThe Will of Samuel Munt of Peldon Hall 1653 National Archives PROB 11/275/327

Transcribed by Elaine Barker July 2020

1.   In the name of God: Amen:
2.   November the Sixteenth In the yeare of our Lord Christ one
3.   thousand Sixe hundred fiftye and three I Samuell Munt of
4.   Peldon Hall in the County of Essex yeoman, beinge sicke in
5.   body but of perfect minde and memory (thankes be to God for
6.   it) Doe make this my last Will and Testament in manner as
7.   followeth. I bequeath my Soule into the hands of Almightie God
8.   that gave it Trustinge throughe the mercyes of Jesus Christ to be
9.   raysed up at the Last day when this corruption shall putt on
10.   Incorruption And this mortall Immortallitye And I bequeath my

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11.   Bodie to be buryed in the Churchyard of Peldon by the appointment
12.   of myne Executors And for my worldly goods which it hath pleased
13.   God to lend me I give and bequeath them as followeth Imprimis I give
14.   and bequeath to James Munt my eldest sonne one Tenement and
15.   Twelve acres of Land called Popes and Millers or by what name or
16.   names the same hath beene called lyeinge and beinge in Clacton
17.   magna with all and singuler the appurtenances thereunto belonging
18.   to him and to his heires for ever Item I give unto Samuell Munt my
19.   Sonne Fiftye poundes to be paid him by myne Executors within
20.   one yeare after my decease Item I give unto Humphrey Munt my
21.   Sonne one hundred poundes to be paid by myne Executors part of
22.   it to binde him forth an Apprentice, and the rest to be paid to
23.   him when he shall accomplish the age of one and twentie yeares
24.   And my Will is that my Executors shall for three yeares before the
25.   tyme last mentioned be expired allowe him fower poundes per
26.   Annum for use thereof And if he shall dye under the said age
27.   then Fiftye poundes thereof shalbe divided to my Sonne Samuell
28.   Munt and my daughter Frances Barnard equally Item I give
29.   unto my twoe grand children Sarah and Mary Barnard as
30.   followeth To Mary Barnard my Tenement called Chambers (lyeing
31.   and beinge in Thorpe) or by what other name or names the same
32.   hath beene called nowe in the tenure and occupation of Thomas
33.   Tritton Likewise to my grandchild Sarah Barnard my Tenement
34.   there called Moones or by what other name or names the same
35.   hath been called And my minde is that they shall have & enioye
36.   the said Tenementes when they shall accomplishe the age of one &
37.   twenty yeares And if either of them dye under that age, the one
38.   shalbe the others heire Also I will that John Barnard Father
39.   of the said Mary and Sarah shall enter into one bond of thirtye
40.   poundes unto my Supervisor within one moneth after my decease
41.   for the due keepinge in sufficient repaire both the said Tenementes
42.   for which she shall receave the rentes untill my grandchildren
43.   come to the age before menc[i]oned Item I give unto my daughter
44.   Francis Barnard the sum[m]e of Tenne poundes to be paid to her by
45.   myne Executors within three moneths after my decease Item I
46.   give unto my sonne John Munt the sum[m]e of Twenty shillinges
47.   to be paid by myne Executors when he shall accomplishe the age
48.   of one and twentie yeares Item I give unto my sonne John Munt
49.   one Tenement lyeinge and beinge in Holland parva called Wood
50.   house and Toms with all and singular the appurtenances thereunto
51.   belonginge to him and his heires of his bodie lawfullie begotten
52.   for ever And my will is that they shall have and enioye the same
53.   when he shall accomplishe the age of one and twentie yeares
54.   Furthermore my will is That if the said John Munt shall dye
55.   without any heire of his body lawfullie begotten . then the said
56.   Tenement shall fall to his brother Humphrye Munt to him and
57.   to his heires of his bodye lawfullie begotten Item I give unto forever
58.   Elizabeth Rands my maide servant Fortye shillinges to be paid
59.   to her by myne Executors within one moneth after my decease
60.   Item I give unto John Munt of East Barfold my brothers sonne
61.   Three poundes to be paid by myne Executors within three moneths
62.   after my decease Item I give unto Robert Alefounder the younger
63.   liveinge at Elmsted Hall the sum[m]e of Five poundes To be paid by
64.   mine Executors within one yeare after my decease Item I doe ordaine
65.   and make Sarah Munt my wife and James Munt my Sonne ioynt
66.   Executors of this my last will and Testament Giveing & bequeathing
67.   to them all the rest of my goodes and chattells bonds bills profiats and
68.   my funerall charges debts and legacies satisfied and paid Provided
69.   that if Sarah my wife shalbe marryed or dislike to be Joynt
70.   Executrix with my sonne James Then he the said James shall
71.   pay unto her one hundred poundes within three moneths after she
72.   shall either be marryed or dislike and fower pound a yeare dureing
73.   her naturall life Lastlye I doe constitute and appoint Mr Robert
74.   Alefounder of Elmesteed Hall the elder my very good friend
75.   Supravisor of this my Last Will and Testament whome I
76.   authorize to take one sufficient bond of three hundred poundes of
77.   my Executors for the exact performance of all legacies and bequests
78.   here above menc[i]oned which bond to be by him taken within
79.   one moneth after my decease Further I doe intreate of him as
80.   beinge my loveinge freind that he wilbe assistinge to myne
81.   Executors in all buisnes and occasions as he shall see cause
82.   Samuell Munt Sealed and delivered in the presence of Robert
83.   Sterrell. Richard Bayd./
84.   This will was proved at london
85.   the three and twentieth day of February in the yeare of
86.   our Lord God accordinge to the computac[i]on of the Church
87.   of England one thousand Sixe hundred fiftye seaven Before
88.   the judges for probate of wills and grauntinge administrac[i]ons
89.   lawfully authorized by the oathe of James Munt the sonne
90.   and one of the Executors named in the said will To whome
91.   was comitted administrac[i]on of all and singular the goodes
92.   chattells and debts of the said deceased He beinge first
93.   Sworne truely to administer The like power being reserved
94.   to Sarah Munt the Relict and other Executrix therein alsoe
95.   named when she shall legally require the same ./

SourceMersea Museum