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TitleWill of John Lawrence of Peldon 1612
AbstractWill of John Lawrence of Peldon 1612 transcribed from Essex Record Office document D/ABW 24/117

Transcriber Elaine Barker February 2020

1. In the name of god amen: the vi th daie of october in the x th yere of the raigne of our sufran lord kinge Jeames that now is and
2. in the yere of our lord god 1612 / I Jhon lorrrence of pelden in the countey of Essex Tayler beinge sike in boddey yet in
3. p[er]fet minde and memorey do ordaine and make this mey laste will and teastament in maner and form followinge firste I
4. Comend my soule unto allmightey god my makar: and my bodey to the yearth to be bured in decant manner by the
5. deskretion of mine Executer: It[em] I give unto Anis mi wife on kroft of land Called keyens krofte for thre yeres upon
6. Condition that she sell no wode but to spend upon the saide kroft for fencinge but the loges of too greate okes which she shall have
7. for hir firinge and after the ende of thre yeres I will the saide land shall remaine and goo unto Jhon lorrence my Sun and
8. to Elizabeth Sewell my dauter and to and to thir ayeres for ever: It[e]m I give unto Anis mi wife mi house that I now dwell in for thre
9. yeares after mi decease upon Condition that she keepe it in good and suffissiant rep[ar]acions and after the eand of thre yeares
10. I will that the old orchard and the garden with the shed and twelve fete of grounde about the saide shed shall remaine
11. and goo unto dorkis lorrrence and marey lorrence mey too dauters and too thir ayers for ever: and the house that I now dwell
12. in w[i]th the reste of the yardes I will shall goo and remaine unto anis lorrense mi dauter and to hir ayers for ever
13. upon condition that she paie unto william lorrence mi sun thre poundes w[i]thin thre yeares after she shall
14. accumplish the age of xx yeres It[em] i will that Anis mi wife shall have the house that I nowe dwell in to bringe up mi dauter
15. anis and mi sun william till they shall accumplish thir severell ages of xx yeares It[em]] I give unto francis lorrence twelpence
16. and unto prissilla dere mi dauter twelvepense to be paied unto them w[i]th in thre monthes after mi desease bi mine executer
17. It[em] I give unto Anis mi Wife all such housalde stufe and impelementes as were hir before the time of our marrige and
18. that that hath ben bout since I marrid w[i]th hir: all the reste of mi housald stufe I give unto dorkis lorrence and marey lorrrence
19. to be deleyvered to them by mi Executer w[i]th in thre yere after mi decease All the reste of \mi/ goodes as well moveabeles as immoveables
20. I give unto anis mi wife toward the paimente of mi detes and legesases and the bringinge up of mi too single[?] Childrene
21. It[em] I ordaine and make Anis mi wife mine sole Executer of this mi laste will and teastamente where unto I have
22. sete mi hande and seale in the p[r]esence of Abraham Fookes Themibell [Note 1] westebroume Steven pevererell and otheres
23. Abrahame Fookes                 Jhon lorrence
24. Thenuble westbroome                 his marke
25. Stephen Peverell

P[ro]bate 21st die octobris 1612

Note 1 Thimble Westbrome appears in ERO ref T/A 418/87/3
Note 2 This John Lawrence is the father of John Lawrence who transfers the property, Sleyes, to son-in-law, John Anger, in 1635 ( SLY_001_101 and SLY_002_101 )

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SourceMersea Museum