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TitleIndenture of Mary Wade of Peldon 1692
AbstractIndenture of Mary Wade of Peldon 1692

Transcriber Elaine Barker January 2020

1.   This indenture made the Thirteenth day of August in the Fourth
2.   Year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord and Lady William and Mary by the Grace of God of England,
3.   Scotland, France and Ireland, King and Queen, Defenders of the Faith, etc. Annoque Dom. 1692 Witnesseth,
4.   that Jeremiah Raven Church-warden of the Parish of Peldon
5.   in the County of Essex And Robert Castle One of the
6.   Overseers of the Poor of the said Parish, by and with the consent of Their Majesties Justices of the Peace of the said
7.   County whose names are hereunto subscribed, have put and placed, and by these presents do put and place
8.   Mary Wade a poor child of the said Parish, Apprentice to Robert Blowers of the s[ai]d P[ar]ish Yeoman with
9.   him to dwell and serve from the day of the Date of these presents, until the said Apprentice shall accomplish her full Age of Twenty One Yeares (being now
10.  about Eleven,) or the day of Marriage w[hi]ch shall first happen according to the statute in that case made and provided. During all which Term
11.  the said Apprentice her said Master faithfully shall serve in all lawful businesses according to her power, wit, and ability;
12.  and honestly, orderly, and obediently in all things demean and behave her self towards her said Master, and all his during
13.  the said Term. And the said Robert Blowers doth Covenant and grant for him=self his Executors and Administrators,
14.  to and with the said Church-wardens and *Overse[ers] and every of them their and every of their Executors and Administrators, and their
15.  and every of their Successors for the time being, by these Pres[ent]s that he, the said Robert Blowers, the
16.  said Apprentice, in the Art of good housewi[fe]ry sh[all]teach and instruct or cause to be taught and instructed after the best
17.  manner he Can, And shall and will during all the [T]erm aforesa[id] [a]nd [prov]ide and allow unto the said Apprentice, meet, competent,
18.  and sufficient Meat, Drink, Apparel, Lodging, *Washing and all other things [ne]cessary and fit for an Apprentice. And also shall and
19.  will so provide for the said Appre[nti]ce that she [be not] a charge [to] the said Parish, or the Parishioners of the same; but of
20.  and from all charge, shall and will save the [said Parish and] parishioners harmless and indemnified during the said term. And at the
21.  end of the said term shall and will make, provide, allow, deliver to the said Apprentice double Apparel of all sorts, good and
22.  new, that is to say, a good new Suit for the Holy-days, and another for the Workin[g] days. In witness whereof the Parties abovesaid
23.  to these present Indentures interchangeably have put their [hands and Seales the day and] year above written.

W [torn section] Names are subscribed, Justices of the Peace of the County       The mark of
aforesaid do (as much as in us lie) consent to the putting forth of the                 R
abovesaid Mary Wade Apprentice
according to the intent and meaning of the Indenture abovesaid                   Robert Blowers

Sealed and delivered
In the presence of
Nath[aniel] Ashwell This Indenture             Jo. Eldred
William Blewitt    : comes out in the             Will:Eldred

      Year 1702 august

*Due to holes in the document some letters and words are missing. The missing words have been found in other similar indentures on-line and appear here in italics.

Published13 August 1692
SourceMersea Museum
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 Indenture Mary Wade of Peldon
</p><p>Indenture loaned by Mike Watson</p>
<p>Transcribed Elaine Barker January 2020</p>  MARG_206_001
ImageID:   MARG_206_001
Title: Indenture Mary Wade of Peldon

Indenture loaned by Mike Watson

Transcribed Elaine Barker January 2020

Source:Peldon History Project