ID: MARG_205

TitleWill of Henry Marveile of Peldon 1578
AbstractThe Will of Henry Marveile of Peldon Essex Record Office D/ABW 25/271
Transcribed by Elaine Barker July 2019

1.         The last Will and Testame[n]t
2.         of Henry Marveile of peldon
3.         made the 12th of Julij. A[nn]o: 1578:
4. In Dei Nomine Am[en]. I Henry Marveile of peldon in the
5. countye of Essex Housbandman, sicke in bodye but whole
6. of mind in good reme[m]brance and perfect memory doe make
7. this my last will and Testame[n]t in maner and fourme
8. folowing. First I com[m]end my soule into the hands of my
9. God and saviour Jesus Christ who w[i]th his owne precious bloud
10. hath bought me and redemed me to be pertaker of his
11. kingdome, [Note 1] and my body I com[m]it to the ground to be buried in
12. peldon churchyard. It[em] to my sonne Hue Marveile I give and
13. bequeath one Cowe (he for to chose) for the debt w[hi]ch I owe
14. him. It[em] I give to my said sonne Hue 10s [Note 2] in money to be paid
15. to him w[i]thin one yeare after my decease. It[em] I will my sonne
16. to have his dwelling in my kitchin paieng no rent for it, but
17. onelye to helpe my wife about hir busines in hedging and ditching
18. and such like workes as he shalbe able. It[em] to my godchild George bacon
19. I give 6d, It[em] to Grace Gale 6d It[em] to Priscilla Laurence 6d. It[em] to Tobye
20. Harison his child of Ausford my godchild 6d. It[em] to Jeffrey Cuicoke 6d
21. It[em] to peter sa[l]mon a Lambe. It[em] to Richard Bewald of west marsey
22. my best coate. All my other goods, cattell, chatell, w[i]thin house or
23. w[i]thout house not named or bequeathed I will my wife Katherin
24. to have, she paieng my debtes, discharging my buriall and proving
25. this my last will and Testament. provided that if my said wife
26. shall decease and departe out of this life before the yeares of my
27. lease of balles be expired I will my sonne Hue to have the remai=
28. der and to enioye the same during the whole terme of yeares that
29. the[re] (or possibly the[n]) shalbe left. Finally of this my will I make my wife Sole
30. executrix and Thomas Foster supravisour. In witnes wherof I have
31. setto my marke these being witnesses. A[nn]o Do[mi]ni: 1578: Reg: Eliz:20: Jul 12

Henry Marveile his                   William Teye parson
Marke.                                     of peldon.
        These being                 George Betson
        witnesses.                     Clement Hayes

Note 1: It's interesting that this testator is expressing a strongly Protestant sense of his redemption by Christ (very different from the pre-Reformation wills!). - Sue Howlett

Note 2: This is confusing as it appears to say xli [£10] followed by superscript 's' [shillings]. Either it's a mistake or perhaps it means xli s [41 shillings]?) in money to be paid. - Sue Howlett

Published12 July 1578
SourceMersea Museum