ID: MARG_199

TitleAdaker Settlement West Mersea 1673
AbstractJoseph and Joanna Adaker Settlement West Mersea 1673

Abstract and Transcription by Elaine Barker July 2021


This Settlement document concerns the three orphaned Adaker children. This is different from the other Mersea Settlement certificates but it provides proof the children are to be maintained in West Mersea by John Bulbrooke, and thus have settlement here, without any responsibility falling on the Overseers, or costs to the parish.

The top section of this document is in Latin (and is badly torn) and represents the 'obligation' which was usually written in Latin, while the 'condition' below it was always in English.

The Latin section, dated 10th September 1673, is not transcribed here but is laying down terms of the 'obligation'. The agreement is between (and signed by) John Bulbrooke and John Jorden/Jurding of the one part and the West Mersea Churchwardens and Overseers of the other. There is mention of a payment to be made if the obligation is not kept.

In the 'condition', transcribed below from the English, details are given of what John Bulbrooke is promising to do. In this case, he is agreeing to provide for Benjamin, Joseph and Annie Adaker until they reach the age of 24. Their parents, Joseph and Joanna have died and Bulbrooke has taken charge of their goods and chattels. If Bulbrooke does what he promises then the bond is null and void but if he does not the bond remains in force and the penalty sum has to be paid.


The Condic[i]on of this obligac[i]on is such That whereas Benjamine
Addaker & Joseph Adaker & Anne \Addaker/ the Children of Joseph Addaker / and
Joanna his wife both deceased were left to the parish of Westm[er]sey
abovesaid to be p[ro]vided for / and whereas alsoe that the above bound
John Bulbrooke hath taken into his Custody the Good[es] & Chattles of
the said deceased / and for the benefitt & advantage of the same Good[es]
hath undertaken to p[ro]vide for the said Children If therefore thee
said John Bulbrooke & John Jorden theire heires Executo[res] & Admi[ni]strato[ur]s
& eny of them doe/and shall at all tymes hereafter \untill the said Children shall attaine theire ages of fower & twenty years/ save harmles &
keepe indempnified the above named Church Wardens & Overseers
and theire successors parishion[ur]s of the said parish of West m[er]sey
of & from All & all manner of Charges troubles damages /and
incumbrances whatsoever which shall or at any tyme hereafter
may happen to come to [them?] the said Church Wardens & Overseers or
eyther of them theire [illegible] or of theire sucessors of the said
parish of Westm[er]sey for [illegible] towards the mainetenance of the said
Children /and doe likewise [illegible] & shall carefully / and decently maynetayne
& p[ro]vide for the same Ch[ildren] in such sort & manner as they
ought to be p[ro]vided for [nu]rtured & brought up Then this
obligac[i]on to be voyd othe[rwise]to remayne in full force/.
Sealed / and deliv[er]ed in the
p[re]sense of us
John Ives
John Hutle

John Bolbrock
John Jurding

Published10 September 1673
SourceMersea Museum