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TitleWill of Henry Buloke of Tollesbury 1571
AbstractThe Will of Henry Buloke [Bullock] of Tollesbury 31 August 1571 transcribed from Essex Record Office D/ABW 4/291


Henry has a wife, Jone, a daughter Jone under 18. His elder son is Henry and the younger John both under 21. Henry holds copyhold land and tenements from the Manor of Tollesbury Hall. Amongst his bequests are his jerkins and hose. He lists all his debtors and what they owe. He has a brother John of Cheneford. There is no indication as to his relation to the Great Wigborough Bullocks

Transcription by Elaine Barker, June 2021

the xjth of a[u]gust 1571
Reg the last wyll of I henrey buloke of Towlsburye
in the county of Essex &c[ete]r[a]
I geve unto my eldest sone henrey \buloke/ all my coppehowld
landes xx\& tenement[es]/ belongeing unto the man[n]er of Towlsbury hall
to him & his ayer[es] for ever when he shall acko[m]pleshe
theage of xxj th yer[es] yf he hapene to Deye before
he In Ioye yt then I geve yt unto John my
other sonne & to hime & his ayer[es] fore ever
the profytt[es] of the sayed land[es] & teneme[n]t[es] above namyde
I geve unto Jone my wyffe untyllemy
sone or sones ackom[m]pleshe thur severall ages
\so they make nether stripe nor wast upon the p[re]myses/
allso I geve unto Jone my dawghter x li[bre] to
be dellyveryd unto hure at hure age of xviij yer[es]
\and my cebord yn the parlor to here/ allso I geve unto my sone John the
sume of x li[bre] to bedelyvered unto hime at his
age of xxj yeres allso I geve to the pore of the p[ar]ish
of Towlsbury xx c[es] [shillings] / x c[es] to bedelyverid at the
fest of the natevety of christ nexst after my decea[se]
& x c[es] im[m]edyatly after my Dethe I geve unto
my brother John of cheneforde my blewe cootte
& my fries jurkyne & my best hoos & my shirte
& to Rochard Daye I geve my other jurkyne my
other hoos my blacke Cape\all other of my good[es] unbequeathid I geve/allso I co[n]stetuet Jone
\ Jone my wyffe/ my wyfe my wholle & sole exekutrick[es] & over seer[es]
of my wyll Thomas Clarke & humefre Jarman
of the same towne xx\& thay to have for thure paynes xc[es] a pece/ allso my wyll ys th[a]t Jone my wyffe
or he th[a]t is to mary hure shall put in suffe=
ceent sowertes [sufficient sureties] unto my overseer[es] \in xl li[bre]/ for the trwe p[er]forma[n]ce
of my wyll w[i]tnesses here unto Frances Searle veker
John bond baylyve & Thomas gylle xx\& John gaelt[es] w[i]t[h] other[es]

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Dett[es] owinge he[nre]y bullke the last daye of awgust
In 1571
humfre Jarman     iij li[bre] xij c[es]
Thomas gylle       xl c[es]
owld wyll[ia]m pollard xl c[es]
john gaelt xxc[es]
John bonde xc[es]
m[as]t[er] freshewatter iiij c[es]
grene for chese vij c[es]

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