ID: MARG_193

TitleWill of Mary Smeth [Smith] of West Mersea 1626
AbstractWill of Mary Smeth [Smith] maid of West Mersea 20 June 1626 transcribed from ERO D/ABW 48/210

Transciber Meg Ross June 2021

1.   In the name of god amen the xxth daye of June in the
2.   second yeare of rayne of our sovereyne lorde kinge Charlys
3.   by the grace of god amen kinge in Anno Domini 1626. I mary
4.   Smeth of West mersy in the County of Essex maeyde doe ordayne
5.   and macke thes my Last Will and teasteyement in manner
6.   and forme folowinge althoue weake in body yete perfet in memorie
7.   and furst I bequefe my soule to almighty god and my body to
8.   be beryed wheare it shall please him It[em] I give and beciefe
9.   To my brother Willi\a/m Smeth the wholle sume of xij [12]d of good
10.   and lawfull mony of Ingland to be paydd to him \on/the feaste
11.   Daye of Saynte mycall the archangell nexte folowinge
12.   It[em] I give and beque to my Sester Yennicae Adames
13.   the Some of xij [12] d to be payde to hir at the same tyme
14.   1It[em] I give and beque unto annes Foockes the Dauter of
15.   Johne foockes of Item I gyve and beque to mary
16.   filede widowe >
17.   Mye beast Waskcet and my beast rofe [ruff] It[em] I gyve unto the wedowe
18.   fell my blacke Cote and a rofe and my beast hate [best hat]
19.   and I ordayne and macke thes Thomas Bynder my solle
20.   Execktor of thes my last will and teastymen and I give
21.   and becue unto him all my wareing aparall besyde that ab\o/ue
22.   spesifyd and all my other worldly godes I gyve and beque unto
23.   Towardse the mayntayning of me in this my seckenes and troble
23.   and to see my leagessyes paydd and my will proved
23.   redsealed[?] in the Delivered in the presence John foockes
23.   Thomas Pettes

  Mary                         John foockes
  Smeth her marcke             his marcke

            Thomas Pettes [Note 1]
            p[ro]bat[ur] apud Stanway 8 Setembris

Note 1 Thomas Petts is identified in the 1643 Quarter Sessions as a blacksmith, accused of stealing 'a gun worth 10s., a bible worth 2s.6d., a "holland apron" worth 2s., "a table cloth" worth 1s'., from John Jefferson.

Published20 June 1626
SourceMersea Museum