ID: MARG_188

TitleWill of Elizabeth Ainger widow of East Mersea 1662 D/ACW 16/167
AbstractWill of Elezebeth Ainger widow of East Mersea 30 March 1662 transcribed from Essex Record Office document D/ACW 16/167

Transcriber Jenny Ennew April 2021

1.   In the name of god Amen I Elezebeth Ainger of Eastmarsey in the Cowntie
2.   of essex widow beinge Sick in body butt in good and p[er]fict memorie thanks bee too
3.   god For itt doe ordaine and make this my last will and teastmante in manior and
4.   Forme Followinge First I give and beequeath my Soule intoo the hands of
5.   god that gave itt mee and my body to the earth too bee buri[e]d att the decrition of my
6.   exectore heare affter named and as for the worlie goods wich god of his
7.   Marcie heath Lent mee I give and beequeath as Followeth
8.   Imprimus I give unto my daughter Susand Ainger \one/ standinge bead [bed]and the
9.   pallowes with all things thearto beelongen to bee delivred and Soe to Remaine
10.   in the Custeody of John Robinson of eastmarsey the ealder [elder] untill Shee
11.   Shall ataine the age of Fiften years Item I give mor unto Susand my
12.   daughter a Cartaine [certain] Cheast of Lininge [linen] standinge in the pallouer [parlour] too bee
13.   kept in the Costedy of Jo(hn)Robenson as aforesaid and then to bee delivered too
14.   my daughters use or her heaires and Asigners my will is that Jo(hn) Robenson
15.   Shall reape & In Joye the reants & profites of a Cartaine Freehold Musay
16.   of the Said Susands for and towards the bringen up of the said Susande
17.   untill Shee Shall attaine too Fifteen years of age as aforesaid
18.   Item I give unto Jo(hn) Robenson aforesaid Fortie pounds to bee paid by
19.   my exectore for and towards the good educaution and bringing up of my
20.   youngest daughter Elezebeth until shee Shall attainie the Full Age of one and
21.   twentie years and in Cause itt happen my daughter elezebeth doe dye before Shee doe
22.   attaine to the Age eight years that then the said Jo(hn) Robenson
23.   Shall retourne back
24.   tenn pownds into the hands of my exector for the use of the rest of my Cheldringe
25.   Item I give unto my daughter Sarie Ainger one Feather bead one bolster one pellow
26.   too blankets one Coverled one Joyne beadstead to be kept in the Coustedy of Ric[hard] Hearvie
27.   of eastmarsay the younger till my daughters Shall ataine to Fifteen years of Age and
28.   then to bee deliverd to my daughter her hearies or Assignors : Further my will is that
29.   the said Richard Shall have all the rents and profites of A Ceartaine Copie holland [copyhold]
30.   tenamant for and towards the bringen up of my daughter Sarie Afforesaid Item I give
31.   All my pewter unto my three daughters Susand Sarie & Elezebth to bee pearted too
32.   them equally by will Locker Jo(hn) Hall & Jo(hn) Robenson and Soe to bee kept eard the
33.   Cheldren and kept fortheare Seavearall uses as afforesaid Further my will is that
34.   if anie of my Saied Cheldrine happen to dye the Longest Survivors to .In Joye each
35.   others Leageses and if itt shall happen that all my three Cheldren happen to dye
36.   bee for the Seavarall Ages my will is that: michall Ainger John Ainger and
37.   James misburn the younger shall In Joye all my Cheldrens Leageses before
38.   given All be Rest of my goods Movables debtes whatsoever I give unto John
39.   Hall of Eastmarsey whom I doe make my Soll exector payinge my debtes and
40.   Legeses and towards the Advancinge my Cheldrens porsions [portions] and bringen my body
41.   deasently to the ground and Further I doe ordainie Will Locker And John Robenson
42.   to bee Superivisers over this my last will to See this my last will perfformed
43.   witness my hand and Sall [seal] this thirtie day of march in the yeare of oure
44.   Lord one thousand Six hundred sixtie and too.
45.   Signed Sealled and delivred
46.   In the presantes of us:     Elezebth Ainger
47.   Rees Burrill         her mark
48.   Ann Hall
49.   her mark

SourceMersea Museum