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TitleWill of Samuel Killderby of West Mersea 1660
AbstractWill of Samuel Killderby wool comber of West Mersea 3 January 1660/1 transcribed from Essex Record Office document D/ABW 61/114 Transcribed by Meg Ross April 2021

In the name of God Amen: the third day of Janiuari Anno Dom[ini]: 1660
I Samuell Killderby of west marssy in the Counti of Essex woollcomber being in perfect
helth and memori praised be god for it do here make & ordain my last will and testement
in manor and forme folloing Revoking all outher wills or will eyther by word or
writing by me formerly mad what soever. furst I bequie or commend mi Soul into the hands
of Allmiti god that gave it trusting through the meritts of christ mi Sinnes ar pardoned and that
I shall rist with him in glory and boddi to the earth to be burid in decent
mannor acording to the diriction of mi executors here after named and for my worldly
goods I will and bequeth in mannor and forme folloing

Impri[mis] I will and bequeth mi pece of land in East marssi cald by the name of michils
or by what outher name soever with the house and all the apurtinances ther unto be longing unto
my kinsman frances killderby and to his Ayors laufuly be gotten of his boddi and for want
of Such Ayors to his Brother Thomas killderby and Ayors so laufully be gotten and for want
of Such Ayors to Robart killderby his brother and his like laufull Ayors and for want of such Ayors
to his brother John killderby all wayse provided that the Above named Frances killderby shall well
and truli pay unto his Sister Elesibeath killderby the Sume of tenne pounds of lawfull mony with
in the space if on holl yeere after my death: and to pay to mi kinsman Beniaman hewell the
Sume of five pounds at the end of the Seckond yere and to pay to Robart howell the
Sume of outher five pounds at the end of the thurd yere out of the Said land and further
mor that the Said Frances shall wil and pay unto his too brothers Robart killderby and John
killderby I Say to eyther of them five pounds Apece So sone as thay shall com to the Age
on and twenty yeres I mene the furst of them and so like wise for the Second So sone as he
com to the Age of on and twenti yeres and all to be don without fraud or dicite and that
the Said Frances shall not refuse to give A peculior bond to each of these with in the Space
of thre monthes After my death and morover that If it shall So fall out that mi Sister Spaldin
the naturall mother of the Said Frances killderby shall ought live hur husban dannill Spaldin
that then my will and mind is that the Said Frances shall will and treuly pay to this his mother
out of the Rint of the Said land: everi three monthes __________ twenty shillings
only during the time of her widdowhod and no longer and this to performe faithfully and I
do Allso will and ordaine mi kins man Thomas killderby with his Sister Elisibeth killderby
to be my Soll executors and I do allso in treat and request Mr Dannill Husin and mr
frances pallord [?] of Colchester to take sum care to se this mi will performd to all which I
do here unto Seat mi hand and Seale this thurd day of Januari in the year 1660
Sealed and in the presence of
                  Samuell Killderby

Published3 January 1660/61
SourceMersea Museum