ID: MARG_154

TitleWill of Sir Edward Bullock of Faulkbourne Hall 1646 TNA PROB 11/197/603
AbstractWill of Sir Edward Bullock of Faulkbourne Hall 20 August 1646 transcribed from National Archives document PROB 11/197/603

Born in Great Wigborough [see his father's will Edward Bullock 1595 ]. He makes monetary bequests to his kinsman Edmund Bullock of old Walsingham, Norfolk, to Lady Anne de Grey and to two servants. His executor is his son Edward Bullock.

Transcription by Elaine Barker February 2021

In the name of God Amen I S[i]r Edward
Bullock of Falkebourne in the County of Essex knight beinge whole in body and of
p[er]fect memory I most humbly thanke God , doe make this last will and Testam[en]t as
followeth first I give and bequeath my soule into the hands of Allmighty God my
maker and Redeemer trusting t[hat] through the merritte and bitter death and passionof
o[u]r Savio[u]r Iesus Christ to have remission and p[ar]don of all my sins, And as touchinge
my poore estate w[hi]ch it hath pleased God to blesse me w[i]th all my [illegible = will?] & intentio[n] to
bestowe upon my lovinge freind and kinseman Edmund Bullock of old Walsingham
in the County of Norfolke Esq[uire] the som[m]e of Tenne pounds of lawfull money of England
to be paid him w[i]thin one yeare after my death hopinge he will continue hir bond and
respect unto my sonne in advisinge him. Item I give unto my Lady Anne de Grey one
P[ay]inge? of forty shillings price to be delivered unto her w[i]thin one yeare after my death
Item I give unto John Willis my servant if he be dwellinge w[i]th me at the time of my
death Twenty shillings and Cloth for a mourninge Cloake. Item I give unto Robert
Boyden my ancient servant in respect of his longe service if he continew in my sonnes
service at the time of my death five pounds of lawfull English money to be paid
him w[i]thin Twelve moneths after my death, more I give him one of my best suits
of Cloathes w[hi]ch I usually weare and Clouth for a mourninge Cloake All the rest
of my goods and Chattells whatsoever my debts paid and a private funerall made
I give unto Edward Bullocke my sonne whom I make my whole executo[u]r of this
my last will. In Witness whereof I have hereunto put my hand and seale the sixe
and twentith day of August 1646. Edward Bullocke sealed and delivered
in the p[re]sence of Edw[ard] Leventhorp John Willis

Latin probate clause to say the will was proved in October 1646

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Published20 August 1646
SourceMersea Museum