ID: MARG_153

TitleJohn Bullocke and Anne Fuller Marriage
AbstractJohn Bullocke and Anne Fuller intention to Marry Marriage document 19 September 1607

Translator by Chris Kirkman 2019

Decimo nono die mensis (on the 19th day the month) September 1607
This day appeared personally before Sir Edward
Stanhope knight John Bullock of Wigborough
magna in the county of Essex yeoman son of John
Bullock late of the parish of Bradwell juxta mare
in the county of Essex aforesaid deceased
of the age of twenty nine years or thereabout
and alleges that he intends to marry with Anne Fuller
widow of Copthall in the county of Essex aged thirty one years or
thereabouts the relict of Robert Fuller
late of the same parish clothier deceased about four months
past At which time also appeared personally
Edward Westwood of the parish of Tollesbury in the
county aforesaid yeoman and they both offered to
make faith that the aforesaid Anne Fuller is a
widow and consenting to this intended marriage
and that to their knowledge there is no lawful
let or impediment by reason of any pre contract
consanguinity affinity or by any other lawful
means whatsoever to hinder the same Wherefore they
crave licence for them to be married in the parish
church of Wigborough magna as in the licence is
John Bullock     Edward Westwood

Published19 September 1607
SourceMersea Museum