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TitleWill of Edward Bullock 1595 TNA PROB 11/87/187
AbstractWill of Edward Bullock of Great Wigborough 6 February 1595 transcribed from National Archives document PROB 11/87/187


The only surviving son and heir of John the Elder . He requests he be buried in St Stephen's church or churchyard and leaves money to the poor of Salcott and Goldhanger.

His wife is Bridget and is offered the house called Gales and Gobbettes. The mansion house that Edward lives in is not named, but probably Moulshams. He has four daughters Joan, Mary, Amie and Bridgett. Sister Elizabeth Samford and nephew Oliver Samford.

His only son, Edward, is his heir and executor. [This was the Edward who was to become Sir Edward of Faulkbourne in 1637 see his 1646 will . His mother was Joan Collen so it is clear his father married again and Bridget is a second wife]. There is a Joan Bullock who died in 1580 in the St Stephen's burials' register so clearly their son, Edward, was born then or before. John Collen, Edward's brother-in-law, is asked to be one of the supervisors of this will.

Transcription by Elaine Barker January 2021

1.   In the name of God Amen The sixte day
2.   of Februarie Anno domini one thousand five hundred nynetie five and in the
3.   eighte and thirtithe yere of the raigne of our Soveraigne Ladie Elizabethe by
4.   the grace of god Queene of England Fraunce and Ireland defender of the faith
5.   &c[etera] I Edward Bullocke of muche Wigborrowe in the Countie of Essex and dioces
6.   of London yeoman being sicke of bodie but of perfect remembraunce thankes be
7.   given to almightie god and renow[n]cinge all other wills and testamentes that may here
8.   after be said to be by me heretofore made or doun doe make and ordaine this my pre=
9.   sent last will and testament in manner and forme folowinge that is to saye First
10.   I commend and bequeathe my soule to Allmightie god my maker and redeemer through
11.   the merrits of whose bitter deathe and passion I assuredlie hope to have remission
12.   and forgivenes of all my sinnes and my bodie to the earthe to be buried in the parishe
13.   Churche or Churchyard of muche Wigborrowghe aforesaide by the discrec[i]on of my
14.   Executo[u]r of this my saide last will and testament Item I bequeathe to the poore
15.   people of this parrishe fortie shillinges of lawfull English money to be distri=
16.   buted unto them by my Executor imediatelie upon my deathe to suche as shall have
17.   most neede thereof Item I bequeathe to the poore people of Salcott Wigborrowgh
18.   and Goldhanger in the said Countie of Essex tenne shilling[es] a peece to be likewise
19.   and in like manner equallie distributed by my saide Executo[u]r Item I give and be=
20.   queathe to Bridget my wife for her residence after my deathe my howse or farme
21.   called Gales and gobbettes w[i]th thappurten[au]nc[es] thereto belonginge or therew[i]th all
22.   used or occupied during suche time and no longer then the said Brigett shall keepe
23.   her a widdow And if she shall not like and determyne to make her dwelling & abode
24.   upon the same Then I will that my saide Executo[u]r shall pay unto her yerelie du=
25.   ringe her saide widdowhoode and no longer the yerelie rente or some of sixteene
26.   poundes of lawfull Englishe money Item I give and bequeathe to my said wife till
27.   the feast of Saincte Michaell the Archangell now next ensuing her dwelling and aboad
28.   in my manc[i]on howse wherein I now inhabite and towardes her mainten[au]nce sixe milche
29.   bease twentie ewes and my white geldinge to goe and be depastured [grazed] upon this
30.   my saide farme whereon I now dwell till the saide feast of Saincte Michaell the
31.   Archangell now nexte ensuing the date hereof w[i]thout giving my said Executo[u]r
32.   my allowance therefore And after the saide feast of Saincte Michaell tharchangell
33.   I will and bequeathe to my said wife the said sixe bease twentie ewes and my white
34.   gelding togeather with two other milche bease w[i]th my saide Executo[u]r shall then allow
35.   and deliver unto her to imploy and bestowe to her best likinge Item I give and bee=
36.   queathe to my said wife these parcells of howshould stuffe hereafter folowinge that is
37.   to say my bed w[i]th the bedsteede and all the furniture thereto belonging as it now
38.   standethe furnished in a Chamber called the Buttry Chamber and one other bed w[i]th

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39.   the bedsteede and teaster [canopy over the bed] all wainescott and all the furniture thereto belonginge as it
40.   now standethe in a Chamber called the hall chamber two doson of pewter vessels peec[es]
41.   of vessells of the better sorte two latten Candlestickes my second brasse pott and one
42.   other lesser brasse pott two kettles and one Cawdron w[hi]ch was her mothers and two
43.   damiske [from Damascus] chestes w[i]th all the lynnen in them now beinge in the said hall chamber
44.   And all suche other implementes of howshould whereof she shall have neede to be de=
45.   livered unto her for her necessarie use according to the discrec[i]on of my saide Executo[u]r
46.   Item I give and bequeathe to my fowre daughters Joane Mary Anne and Bridgett
47.   these severall somes of money hereafter ensuinge That is to say to my saide two dau=
48.   ghters Joane and Mary one hundred and fiftie poundes a peece of lawfull Englishe
49.   money And to my two other daughters Anne and Bridgett the some of one hundred
50.   poundes a peece of like lawful Englishe money w[hi]ch said porc[i]ons to them by me
51.   bequeathed I will that my saide Executor see dischardged and paide unto them att
52.   theire severall ages of twentie and one yeres a peece or the dayes of theire severall
53.   marriages whether of them shall first happen And it fit fortune any or either of my
54.   said daughters to dye and departe this liffe before the accomplishment of theire saide
55.   severall ages of of twentie and one yeres or dayes of their marriages Then the por=
56.   tion of suche of my said daughters so dyinge to be equallie devided amongest the rest
57.   of them so survivinge Item I give and bequeathe to my Sister Elizabeth Samford
58.   towardes her maintenaunce the yerelie some of fortie shillinges during her liffe to be
59.   payde unto her quarterlie by my saide Executo[u]r Item I give and bequeathe to Oliver
60.   Samford her Sonne the some of fortie shillinges of lawfull English money to be payde
61.   unto him by my saide Executo[u]r at his full age of twentie and one yeres Item I give
62.   and bequeathe to my kinsman Robert Bullock of Wigborrowghe the some of twentie
63.   shillinges Item I give and bequeathe to these my kinsman Henry Bullocke
64.   and to my godsonne Edward Glastocke eache of them tenne shilling[es] a peece Item I
65.   give and bequeathe to my godsonne Edward Lyngwood two lambes To my godsonne
66.   Edward Griffin one lambe To my two goddaughters Elizabethe Crabtree and Mary
67.   deane to eache of them one lambe to be delivered unto them severallie at the feaste
68.   of Phillip and Jacob com[m]onlie called May daye now next ensuinge Item I give &
69.   bequeathe to my godsonne John Makin tenne shillinges of lawfull Englishe money to
70.   be delivered unto him by my saide Executor at the accomplishment of his age of twen=
71.   tie and one yeres Item I give and bequeathe to these my servantes hereafter ensuinge
72.   viz To Giles Sexe twentie shillinges To Richard deekes three shillinges and fower
73.   pence To Judithe Nevill Tenne shillinges To Margaret Sankyn and Elizabethe
74.   Gynner five shilling[es] a peece to be paide unto them imediatelie upon my decease
75.   over and above theire wage that shall be due unto them at the tyme of my deathe
76.   The residue of all my landes and tenementes goodes and Cattells movable and un=
77.   movable unbequeathed my legacies answered my debtes paide and funerall dischardged
78.   I will and bequeathe to my sonne and heire Edward Bullock whom I ordayne and
79.   make my full and whole Executo[u]r of this my saide last will and testament for the
80.   better execuc[i]on whereof I doe hereby nominate and appointe my good frendes Master
81.   Samford of Broomehowse and John Collen of Oat[es] my brother in lawe Supervisors
82.   of this my said last will and testament To eache of whom for theire paynes I be=
83.   queathe Twentie shillinges In witnes whereof I the said Edward Bullocke the
84.   father have hereunto sett my hande the day and yere above saide These beinge
85.   Witnesses Israell Frere John Mott Robert Lawrence Edward Bullock

Probate clause in Latin to say the will was proved in March 1595/96

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Published6 February 1595
SourceMersea Museum