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TitleWill of John Bullock of Great Wigborough 1660 ERO D/ACW 16/34
AbstractWill of John Bullock of Great Wigborough 21 June 1660 transcribed from Essex Record Office document D/ACW 16/34


John seems not to have a wife or children. He wills that he be buried in the chancel of St Stephens and gives his lands in Wigborough to his sister's son, Thomas Harper. It is not clear what the name of the property is, it could be Gales. He leaves money to his sister's daughter, Elizabeth Mot and to a son of another sister, John Burton. His executor Thomas Harper dies before supervising the will so his son, Thomas, aged 9 and Elizabeth Mott aged eleven are unable to administer the will. They choose Mary Deane their aunt on John's side.

Will Transcription Elaine Barker January 2021

In the name of God amen I John Bullock being in perfect
memorie though sick & weak in body, doe make this my last will
& testament first I bequeath my soule into the hands of G[o]d th[a]t gave it
& my body to be decently interred in the chancell of much Wigbar
row at the discretion of my Executors. And I give my lands lieing
in much Wigbarrow to Thomas Harper my sisters son. And to
Elizabeth Mott my sisters daughter the sume of two hundred
pounds to be paid out of the said land either at hir day
of marriage or when she attaines to the years of twenty.
and in case of default that she shall have libertie to enter
upon all or any parcell of it till the mony be satisfied & p[ai]d
And tis also my will th[a]t they shall be heires to each other
in the premises in case either of them die before th[ei]r said
terme. Item I give & bequeath to the pore of much Wigbarow
the sum of one pound to be paid within one
month after my disease. And to John Burton my sisters son
one bond of ten pounds w[hi]ch I have alreadie delivered to
him in witnes wherof I have set to my hand this
21 of Jun 1660. in the twelfe yeare of o[ur] king & con
stitute Thomas Harper the Elder my true lawfull Execu
Signed sealed & delivered
in the presence of
Rob[ert] Bland [Great Wigborough rector]           John bullocke
John Smith
the mark
Agusten wayland
Edward Smith

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AuthorElaine Barker
Published21 June 1660
SourceMersea Museum