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TitleWill of Robert Bullock 1626 ERO D/ACW 10/48
AbstractWill of Robert Bullock of Great Wigborough 1626 transcribed from Essex Record Office document D/ACW 10/48

Robert's wife is Anna who was a widow and formerly married to Westbroome. He has a son Robert who is under 21. He refers to his 'cousin' (niece) Abigail, daughter of his brother John Bullock, his executor.

Transcription by Elaine Barker January 2021

In the name of god\amen/ I Robert Bullock of Much widgborow
being secke in body yet in perfet memory thankes be
to allmighty god; doe or daine and make this my last will
and Testament in mannur and forme followi[n]g, First
I cum[m]it and cum[m]ede [commend] my soule into the handes of god
my creator and Redemer and my Bodey to be burried
according to the descretio[n] of my executors, first I doe
give unto my sonne Robert Bullocke the sume of
two hundred poundes of good and lawfull money of Englad
to be paid to him when he shall accomplesh the eage
of one and twenty yers by my executors
(and that they doe a lowe unto my sonne twentey marks
a yere) towardes his bringing up in good educatio[n] (at
scole and for other maintinances of meate drinke and
parell), out of the use of the said moneyes, and my
wife to have the bringing of him up
If it shall hapen that my sonne Robert shall
dey before he shall accomplesh the eaye of one and twenty
yers I do give fiftey poundes of the saide to hundred to
my wife. Item I doe give fourer score poundes of the
said to hundred before mentioned to my Cosin
Abigall Bullocke the daughter of John Bullocke
my brother Item I doe give unto Elizabeth Bullocke
the youngest daughter of my brother John Bullocke
three score poundes out of the two hundred poundes
if it shall hapen that my sone Robert Bullocke
doe dey before he doe accompleishe the eage of
one and twenty yers
all w[hic]h moneys shall be paied to them by my
executors It[e]m I doe give the other ten[n]e poundes to Richard?
Dem[m]e the sonne of Richard Dem[m]e w[hic]h he had by Ana
wesbrowne my wife the Reste of my goodes unbe=
queaned I doe give unto Ana my loving wife my debtes
being payed, and I doe apoynte and make my two lovinge
brothers in Lawes, Thomas wesbrowne and Thembl wes-
browne my executors of this my last will and testament
If the said Thomas and Thimble shall Re-
fuse to be my executors then my will is that my Brother
John Bullocke, shalbe my executor, to this my Last
will , and I doe intrete my to lovi[n]g frindes M[aste]r Willia[m]
Swenowe [?] and Francis Lenet to be my supravisors

Sealed and delivered
in the presence of
Francis Lenett

John bullock           Robert Bullocke
margarett wade ;         his marke

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