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TitleWill of Thomas Jolly of East Mersea 1598
AbstractWill of Thomas Jolly Yeoman of East Mersea 26 February 1598/9 transcribed from Essex Record Office D/ACW 4/74

Transcribed by Jill Waters May 2021

1.   In the name of god Amen / the xxvi th day of Febreuari in the year of o[ur] Lord god 1598 / and in the One and Fortyeth
2.   year of the raign of o[ur] Sov[er]aign Lady quen Elizabeth / &c I Thomas Jolly of Eastm[er]sey in the countie of
3.   Essex yeoman, beinge sicke in Body but of p[er]fett remembrance doe Ordayne and make this my last
4.   wyll & teastement in maner and forme followinge, And all other former wylls I utterly
5.   revoake & renownce / Fyrst I com[m]end my soule into the hands of Almightye god my creator and
6.   to Jhesus Christ my allone Saviou[r], and my Body to the Earthe / It[e]m I gyve unto Ann my wyfe
7.   all those my Land[es] and tenement[es] w[i]th the apurtenaunces lyinge & beinge in Eastm[er]sey duringe the terme
8.   of xviij yeares next after my desease: ( yf she shall so longe lyve): for and toward[es] the sustenance
9.   and bringing up of Anna my daughter; It[e]m I gyve and bequeath unto Anna my daughter
10.   All those my Land[es] & tenement[es] & hereditament[es] with all and ev[er]ie the Appurtuances,
11.   Lyinge & beinge in the p[ar]ish of Eastm[er]sey (after the terme of year[es] unto my wyfe bequethed): unto
12.   Anna my daughter and to the heyeres of hir Bodye Lawfully begotten; And yf it happen
13.   that Anna my daughter dye before she com to the age of xxj years or without heyeres of hir
14.   Body lawfully begotten; Then I gyve all those my house & Landes \wherin I now dwell / called Palmers and
15.   all the Land[es] called Roases and Longe Acare with all the appurtnances therunto belonginge
16.   unto Ann my wyf for the terme of hir naturall lyf, and after hir desease I gyve them
17.   unto Jonas Jolly my Brother and to his heyers for ev[er] / It[e]m If it happen my sayd daughter to dye
18.   befor she com to the age of xxj yeares or without heyeres if hir Bodye lawfully begotten, then I
19.   gyve and bequeth all those my land[es] & tenement[es] called Galland & wymor[es] w[it]h all the Appurtnaunces
20.   unto Jonas Jolly my Brother and the heyer[es] of his Body lawfully begotten; and yf he dye without
21.   heyeres of his Body lawfull begotten; I gyve & bequeath all the sayd Land[es] & tenement[es] with the appurt[enances]
22.   unto the Children of W[illia]m Smyth my kynsman to be equally parted amonge them then Lyveinge
23.   Alwaies p[ro]vided and my wyll is that my wyfe shall repayer & maintayne all those my houses & Buildings
24.   in good & all needfull rep[ar]acions duringe all the tyme that she houldeth the same, and at
25.   the end & determinacion of the sayd terme, and so to leve them; It[e]m I wyll also that my
26.   Spring[es] be mayntayned & carefully kept and inclosed with dytchinge & hedginge, for and
27.   toward[es] the mayntenaunce of the \fyer/ wood & hedges and I wyll no Bushes to be sould of the sayd grownd[es]
28.   also I wyll that my wyfe shall have & take Syxe Load[es] of wood & loggs yearly upon the sayde
29.   grownd[es] duringe the terme aforsayde So longe as she doth dwell upon the same and no longer
30.   It[e]m I gyve unto Anna my daughter my best Bedsted with the best fether bed Bolster ij (2) pyllowes
31.   ij (2) of the best Blankitt[es] one Coveringe & a payer of my beste sheet[es]; my best Cupbord, and I wyll
32.   that Ann my wyfe shall have the Custodye therof untyll my sayd child com to the age of xxj years or
33.   day of marridge w[hi]ch com fyrst; It[e]m If my sayd daughter shall happen to dye before she
34.   shall accomplishe the age of iij year[es] then I wyll that Ann my wyf shall pay unto my
35.   Brother Jonas Jolly fower pownde a yeare of lawfull english money duringe the terme of
36.   fower years next after the desease of the sayd Child; It[e]m I gyve unto Jonas Jolly my
37.   Brother xij li of good & lawfull english money tobe payed unto him by the handes of my Execut[or]
38.   within Fower years next after my desease / It[e]m I gyve unto the poor of the parish of Eastm[er]sey x s[hillings]
39.   to be payd within ii yeare after my desease/ It[e]m I gyve unto Jonas Jolly my brother one Spur ryall tobe
40.   deliv[er]ed presently after my desease. It[e]m I gyve unto Rob[er]t Goodinge my godson iii s[hillings]. It[e]m I gyve unto
41.   Mary wylkeson my goddaughter ij s[hillings]. It[e]m I gyve John Lord my godson ij s[hillings]. It[e]m I gyve unto Rebeck Myller my
42.   goddaughter ii s[hillings] It[e]m I gyve unto Rob[er]t Sparke & ?m[ar]grett Spark iij s[hillings] It[e]m I gyen unto Silvester Wall
43.   my godson ij s[hillings] It[e]m to Henry Sankyn my godson ij s[hillings] to be payd within one year next after my desease
44.   It[e]m I gyve unto Bridgett Smyth my goddaughter one of my best ewe sheep. It[e]m I gyve unto the fower
45.   Children of Wm [William] Smythe my kynsman iiij s[hillings] wethers the best on the East comon: It[e]m I gyve unto Jonas
46.   Jolly my second Bretches & my best dublett It[e]m I gyve unto Wm Smyth my kynsman my best Cloake and
47.   my best Britches / All the Residue of my good[es] unbequeathed, I gyve them unto Ann my wyf, whom
48.   I ordayne and make my Sole Executrix to se this my wyll p[er]formed and kept / wytnes to
49.   this my wyll
50.   George Flingar.. Roger James & Wm Smyth / Thomas Jolly his mark and Seall

SourceMersea Museum