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TitleWill of Henry Lyarde of West Mersea 1604 D/ABW 24/57
AbstractWill of Henry Lyarde of West Mersea 10 August 1604 transcribed from Essex Record Office D/ABW 24/57

Transcriber Jill Waters May 2020

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1.   In the name of god amen the xix ten day of August in the yeare of our
2.   Lorde god 1604 and in the seconde yeare of the Reigne of o[ur] soverarine lorde
3.   James now kinge of Inglande Scotlanld Fraunce & Irelande: I Henerie
4.   Lyarde of westmersea in the Countie of Essex mariner though sick of
5.   bodie yet wholl of mynde & of p[er]fect Remembrance thanks be to god
6.   doe make & ordeyne this my last will and testament in maner folowing:
7.   first I bequeath my soule into the handes of almightie god and by bodie to
8.   be buried when and where it shall please god to <..> apoynt: And for
9.   my worldly goods I apoynt in manner followinge: I[te]m I give and
10.   bequeath unto Ann<..> my wife all that my tenement and landes lyinge
11.   in westmersea which I hould by Coppie of Court Rould of the mane[r]
12.   of the manner of westmersea lyarde by what name or names soever
13.   they be Called now in my handes and posession or in the handes of anie
14.   other p[er]sone or p[er]sones whatsoever which I will she shall have for and
15.   dureinge the terme of hir natureall life towardes the bringinge
16.   up of Elizabeth Lyarde my Childe, and after the decease of the
17.   saide Ann<..> my wife I will and my meaneinge is that all
18.   my saide tenement and landes with all and singuler th[e]apurtenances
19.   shall wholly remaine unto the aforesaide Elizabeth Lyarde my
20.   Daughter and to hir/ heires forever: Provided alwaies that she the
21.   saide Ann<..> my wife nor anie other for hir now in hir behalfe
22.   shall not fell Cutt nor stub anie trees growinge upon the p[re]mises
23.   except it be towardes the reparinge and mainteineinge of the houses
24.   beinge upon the aforesaide premises: further I will and my meaninge
25.   is that she the saide Ann my wife shall mainteine and kepe all
26.   the saide houses now beinge upon the premises in good and reasonable
27.   reprations: and if she the saide Ann my wife or he w[i]th whom she
28.   shall happen to marie doe Cutt fell or stubb anie trees by the ground
29.   upon the p[re]mises or if she or he doe not kepe and mainteine all/ the saide
30.   houses in good & reasonable reprations then I will & my meaninge
31.   is that James Wells my wifes brother shall enter upon have and
32.   inioy all the saide tenement & landes and he to take the saide
33.   Elizabeth my Daughter and bringe hir up untill she come to th[e]age of
34.   eyghten yeares: Also I will that if the saide Ann my wife happen
35.   to die before my saide daughter come to th[e]age of xviii ten yeares
36.   then I will that the saide James Wells my wives brother shall
37.   have all the saide tenement & landes towardes the bringinge up
38.   of the saide Elizabeth my daughter untill she come to th[e]age of
39.   eyghten yeares and he to kepe the saide tenement in good reparationes
40.   & not to fell nor Cutt anie trees by the ground except it be towards
41.   the repareinge of the saide houses : I[te]m all my moveable goods
42.   whatsoever which I have in myn owne handes or in the handes
43.   of anie other, or anie Debtes whatsoever I give them wholly unto
44.   Ann my wife to pay my debtes and to see my bodie decently brought
45.   to the grounde: And I ordaine and make thie saide Ann my wife
46.   my sole and only executrice of this my last will & testament charging
47.   hir to se the same will & truly proved &kept accordinge to my true
48.   intent & meaneinge therein specifyed: further whereas it is thought
49.   that Ann my wife is now w[i]th Childe I will therefore and my
50.   meaninge is that if the said Ann my wife by now w[i]th Child with

Page 2

1.   a man Childe then I will the same shall have all the aforsaide tenement
2.   wi[t]h all the landes after the death of the saide Ann my wife in suche
3.   manner and forme as it is before given unto the aforenamed Elizabeth
4.   my daughter & then I will that he my saide sonne shall pay out
5.   my saide tenement and landes unto my saide daughter Elizabeth
6.   the sume of tenn poundes of good and lawfull monie of Inglande to
7.   be payde unto hir w[i]thin Syx yeares after that he shall come
8.   to the saide tenement and landes: And if my wife be with childe
9.   with a womanchilde then I will my daughter Elizabeth shall
10.   have my aforesaide tenement and landes as is before specifyed
11.   and she to pay out of the same unto hir sister the some of tenn
12.   poundes of good and lawfull monie of Inglande w[i]thin six yeares
13.   next after she shall come to the saide tenement and landes:
14.   provided alwayes that if my wife have an other Childe then
15.   my meaneinge is that w[hi]ch of my children come to have my
16.   saide tenement and landes as is before specifyed that if he or
17.   she which shall so happen <..> to have the saide tenement & landes
18.   doe not pay the aforesaide tenn poundes before specifyed w[i]thin six
19.   yeares next after they shall come to inioy the same then I will that
20.   she to whom the same tenn poundes shalbe due shall enter upon
21.   the saide tenement & landes & have & inioy the wholl profit &
22.   comoditie thereof for & dureinge the terme of five wholl yeares
23.   then next togither & then the same tenement & landes to remaine
24.   unto the other p[ar]tie againe unto whome it was first given: In
25.   witnes whereof unto this p[re]sent will & testament I have put
26.   my hand & seale the day and yeare first above written these
27.   beinge witnesses at my request
28.   Timo[thy] Hearne [Vicar of West Mersea]
29.   John Beall
30.   his marke
31.   Henerie Lyarde
32.   his marke
33.   Ezechell Weall
34.   his marke
35.   Robert Elmer
36.   his marke

Published10 August 1604
SourceMersea Museum