ID: MARG_101 / Sue Howlett

TitleWill of John Whyter, East Mersea, 1547
AbstractWill of John Whyter, East Mersea, 1547 transcribed from Essex Record Office Document reference D/ABW 39/80

Transcriber: Sue Howlett 2019.

John Whyter bequeaths the following:
To his youngest son (unnamed), all his land in East Mersea, paying £3 6s 8d to each of his [father's] wife's three children, beginning the payments in 1557 and completing payments within six years.
If his youngest son dies, his eldest son inherits the land , paying his [father's] wife's children 20 marks (£13 6s 8d).
To each of his sons, 10 ewes, with youngest son's ewe remaining in executor's hands, and other sons' ewes to be delivered to them at Michaelmas [Feast of St Michael the archangel, 29th September].
All unbequeathed goods are left to the discretion of John Webbe, sole executor, to pay testator's debts.
Recorders [witnesses]: 'Sir John Crane' [this may be the courtesy title applied to a priest],
Richard Fokes, John Webbe, William Jolye and other[s].

Marginal note (modernized) 'I will that the [residue?] of my lands lying in East Mersea shall go to the keeping [upbringing] of my children for the space of 10 years, and then my youngest son to have it according to my will.

X [mark of testator?] 12 Augusti [12th August]

[No probate clause or date]

[for marginal notes in different hand, see below]

In the name of god amen the xixth daye of the Moneth of Maie and yn the
yere of our Lorde god Ml CCCCC xlvij I John Whyter of Estm[er]sey yn hole mynde and yn good
memorye make this my Last will Firste I bequethe my Soule unto Allmyghtie God and unto our
Savyour Jh[es]u Chryst and unto his mother oure blessed virgyn Marye and unto all the holye
Companye of heaven And my bodye to buryed in the Churcheyarde of Estm[er]sey aforsaide
Allso I bequethe to my youngest sonne all my Lande lyinge in Estm[er]sey payinge unto my
wyfes iij childern eche of them iijli vj s viij d Allso I wyll that my youngest sonne shall
begynne for to make payment in the yere of our lorde God ml CCCCC lvij and that
to be payde wythin the space of vj yeres after And if onye of them dye that then I wyll
that other have his parte and the youngest to be payde First and if they Dye all
that then I wyll that it remayne unto my youngest sonne Allso I wyll that if my
youngest sonne dye then I wyll that my Eldest sonne shall have all my londe payinge
unto my wyfes childern xxti marc[es] allso I wyll & bequethe to eche of my sonnes tenne
ewes And I will that my youngest sonnes parte remayne in the handes of my Executo[ur]s
and the other to be delyvered at Myghellmasse And all my good[es] unbequethe I putt
them to the dyscrecyon of John Webbe whome I make my sole Executour for to paye
my debtes Theise are the Recorders Sir John Crane Rycharde Fokes John Webbe
Wyll[ia]m Jolye and other

Marginal notes
[above] script'
[left margin] It[e]m I will / that the ..... / ..... of my / land[es] liyng / in est..s.y / shall go to / the keping / of my childrn / for the space / of x yeres / And then my / yo..gest son / to have it / according to / my will
[Bottom right] X 12 Augusti

AuthorSue Howlett
SourceMersea Museum