ID: MARG_081

TitleWill of Thomas Bynder 1615/16
AbstractWill of Thomas Bynder [Binder] 27 January 1615/16 transcribed from ERO D/ABW 7/178

Transcription and translation by Jools Hoyle July 2023

Date of will 27 January 1615/16 [Note 1]
Probate 12 March 1615/16
He leaves small sums of money to his brother (in-law?) John Wesson, his four sisters and John (or Joan?) Harris.
He leaves all of his shop equipment and implements to Robert Harris and the rents from it to be divided equally between Edward and Robert Harris.
He gives his lease (of the shop?) to Edward Harris.
He makes Robert and Edward Harris executors of his will, charging them to clear his debts and pay his legacies as directed. He leaves any residual goods to his executors.

Testator: Thomas Bynder/Binder
Beneficiaries: John Wesson (brother), four un-named sisters, Edward Harris, Robert Harris, John/Joan Harris
Executors: Edward and Robert Harris
Witnesses: John Stanley and Matthew Baker

1.   P[robatur] fit [Note 2] In the nam of god I Thomas Bynder being scik and
2.   weack in body and mynd yet in good Remembrans doo mack
3.   this my last will and testyment my soule to god my
4.   body to the earth my goods as fowlloweth
5.   furst I will and be queth to my brother John wesson five S
6.   and to my fower sisters twelf pens a pece & all to be
7.   paid with in owne houll year after my death
8.   Item I give to robert harris all the furnyture of my \Cha[rest of word missing]
9.   with all the Impellments as it stand
10.   Item the shop tolls [Note 3] I give to edward harris and
11.   Robert harris to be equall devided between them both
12.   Item I give to Jho\a/n harris thurty shillins to be
13.   paid at three payments that is to saye tene shillins at
14.   three months and tene shillings at three months
15.   and tene \shillings/ at three months after also my leas [Note 4] I give to
16.   edward harris all so I doo macke robert harris and
17.   edward harris my wholl execytours to pay my de(bts)
18.   and legesis and to have the rest of my goods dated
19.   this 27 of Janary 1615
20.   his marck
21.   Thomas binder         In witnes
22.                   John Stanley
23.                   Matthew Baker
24. P[ro]bat' 12th m[ar]tij [Note 5] 1615

1. Until 1752 the New Year started on 25th March (Lady Day).
2.. Two Latin words meaning that the will has been proved and confirmed
3. This probably means the rents from the shop
4. Possibly the lease of the shop premises
5. March

Translation to Modern English
1.   It is proved. In the name of God, I, Thomas Bynder, being sick and
2.   weak in body and mind, yet of good memory, make
3.   this, my last will and testament. My soul (I commend) to god, my
4.   body to the earth and my goods as follows:
5.   First, I will and bequeath to my brother John Wesson, five shillings
6.   and to my four sisters, twelve pence (i.e., one shilling) apiece & all to be
7.   paid within one year of my death.
8.   Item: I give to Robert Harris all the furniture (moveable articles) of my Cha(the rest of this word is missing)
9.   with all the implements (tools, equipment etc) as it stands.
10.   Item: the shop tolls (rents) I give to Edward Harris and
11.   Robert Harris to be equally divided between them both
12.   Item: I give to John (or Joan?) Harris thirty shillings to be
13.   paid in three payments; that is to say, ten shillings at
14.   three months, ten shillings three months later
15.   and then ten shillings three months after that. Also, I give my lease to
16.   Edward Harris. I also make Robert Harris and
17.   Edward Harris my executors, to pay my debts
18.   and legacies and to have the rest of my goods. Dated
19.   this 27th January 1615
20.   his mark
21.   Thomas Bynder (Binder)       In witness
22.                   John Stanley
23.                   Matthew Baker
24. Proved 12th March 1615

SourceMersea Museum