ID: MARG_010

TitleStrood Accounts 1620 ERO D/P 77/25/2
AbstractAccounts for the Strood, Mersea for 1620, transcribed from Essex Record Office document D/P 77/25/2

Transcriber: Trevor Hearn 24 September 2019
There is a translation to Modern English further down the page

1 It[e]m to Rob[er]t [R?]ildmore for adaye worke at the strod___[ ]d
2 It[e]m more [.] Nichilas [........] att tendance ______________[.]
3 It[e]m for driving of fyve lod[es] of pilles___________________[.]
4 It[e]m for W illia[m] Roulle for iiij dayes worke____________iiij [.]
5 It[e]m for fower loding[es] of gravell with a monger__________[.]
6 It[e]m for Caring of fortie lod[es] a bought the strod_________vjs viijd
7 It[e]m for Caring of a lode of Skoreles [ Note 1 ] to the water sid__xvijd

8           Su[m]me totall viijli xis ijd

9  Remainenge in monie________xxxvs
10 of Richarde James for michallmas
11 halfe yeare_________________________xls
12 & Pollie due at michallmas
13 & o[ur] ladie last part________________xls

Note 1 Scorel or skorrell is defined in OED as "loppings of trees". Citation: Maldon (Essex) Borough Deeds (Bundle 97 No. 2 ) "To John Wright for one load of skorrell and three load of slag wood to make a groyn."

Translation to Modern English by Trevor Hearn

1 Item: to Robert [R?]ildmore for a days work at the Strood___[.] d
2 Item: more [.] Nicholas [........] attendance_______________[.]
3 Item: for driving of five loads of piles____________________[.]
4 Item: for William Roulle for 3 days work__________________ [.]
5 Item: for four loads of gravel with a fishing boat___________[.]
6 Item: for carrying forty loads [of gravel] to the Strood______6s 8d
7 Item: for carrying a load of tree loppings to the water side___17d

8         Total     £8.11s.2d

9 Money remaining__________________35s
10 From Richard James at Michaelmas
11 half-year__________________________40s
12 & Pollie due at Michaelmas
13 and Our Lady Day balance______________40s

SourceMersea Museum