ID: MARG_009

TitleStrood Accounts 1566 and 1575 ERO D/P 77/25/1
AbstractAccounts for the Strood, Mersea for 1566 and 1575, transcribed from Essex Record Office document D/P 77/25/1

Transcriber: Trevor Hearn 9 September 2019
There is a translation to Modern English further down the page

1. this acompte made Rob[er]t Roche & Rob[er]t platfutt
2. in the churche of west marsye before the p[ar]ishe
3. the vjth daye of Januarye anno do[m]ine 1566 and
4. and all thyngs Recored & accownted and
5. there Remaynethe to the p[ar]yshe [.. ] s and are
6. chosen strowdkepers the same tyme Rob[er]t platfut
7. John willys

8. It[em] the p[ar]yshe have payd xvij d out off the strowd
9. money for the tow cheldre[n] off Joh[n] Foox___vjli xvjs vijd
10. It[em] the wedow lyard ow[eth]_______________xs

11. The viij day off maye an[n]o d[omin]e 1575 wyll[ia]m fox
12. the younger & John pre[n]tyse made ther account before the
13. p[ar]yshe & all thynges co[un]tyd & have delyv[er]yd unto the
14. handes off John walles & wyll[iam] pryce beyng chosen the
15. strowde [kep]ers the same day iiij li iiijs vijd & ther receyt[es]
16. in the handes of John wylson [....] xlvjs viijd

Translation to Modern English by Trevor Hearn

This account made by Robert Roche and Robert Platfutt
in the church of West Mersea before the parish
on the 6th day of January 1566 AD and,
with all things recorded and accounted for,
there remains to the parish [.]s and, at the same time,
Robert Platfutt and John Willis are chosen
keepers of the Strood.

Item: the parish have paid 17d out of the Strood
money for the two children of John Foox____£6.16s.7d
Item: the widow Lyard owes________________10s

8th May 1575 AD, William Fox
the younger & John Prentice presented their account before
the parish and, all things having been accounted for, have delivered on the same day
to John Walls and William Price, the chosen keepers of the Strood, £4.4s.7d,
and the receipts in the hands of John Wilson [....] 46s.8d.

SourceMersea Museum