ID: MARG_008

TitleStrood Receipts 1565 ERO D/P 77/25/1
AbstractReceipts of the Strood, Mersea for 1565, transcribed from Essex Record Office document D/P 77/25/1

Transcriber: Trevor Hearn 19 July 2019

1 the Receyits of the stroud land
2 for the yere of owre lorde god 1565
3 It[e]m R[eceived] of Rob[er]t foks for one halfe yers ferme of stroud land that he dyd owe[ ]
4 It[e]m R[eceived] for the hole yers ferme of stroud land due att myg[ ]
5 as folowethe that is to saye John gooin xviij s of John hu[n]ter xx [ ]
6 wydoo goodin x s x d of Rychard foks v s of John wylson xiij s [ ]
7 the hole su[m]miij li vij s ij d
8 R[eceived] for woode that was lefte in makynge of pylysxvj [ ]
9      Su[m]miij li xviij s vj d
10 The hole su[m]m of all the Receyits synce the last acomptte is xiij li ix s [ ]

Translated to modern English by Trevor Hearn 24th July 2019

1           The receipts of the Strood land
2           for the year of our Lord God 1565
3 Item: received of Robert Fokes for one half-year's farm of Strood land that he did owe[ ]
4 Item: received for the whole year's farm of Strood land due at Mic[aelmas ]
5 as follows, that is to say, John Goodin: 18s; of John Hunter: 20 [ ];
6 widow Goodin: 10s 10d; of Richard Fokes: 5s; of John Wilson: 13s [ ]
7 the whole sum£3 7s 2d
8 Received for wood that was left in making of piles16 [ ]
9      Total£3 18s 6d
10 The whole sum of all the receipts since the last account is£13 9s [ ]
SourceMersea Museum