ID: MARG_005

TitleStrood Charges: 1560 and 1561 ERO D/P 77/25/1
AbstractCharges for Strood, Mersea for 1560 and 1561, transcribed from Essex Record Office document D/P 77/25/1

Transcriber: Trevor Hearn 28 May 2019

1 this acowntt made Rob[er]t platfutt & John pre[n]tis the
2 young[er] the xxti daye of october anno primo Elyzabethe
3 Regina 1559/ in the churche of west m[er]sye befor the hole p[ar]yshe
4 and the same daye are choisen stroudkepers John hull
5 & Rob[er]t platfutt and have Receyvyd into ther hande
6 the same daye to the uise of the p[ar]yshe xvj s
7           The charg[es] for the yere of
8           owre lord god 1560
9 this yere theare was no charg[es] laydoutt
10 upon the st[r]owde
11           the charg[es] laydoutt for the
12           strowde anno do[m]ine 1561
13 It[e]m payd to Rob[er]t platfutt for carryeng of v score & x
14 loodes of gravell to the stroude vij d the lodeiij li iiij s iid
15 It[e]m to John fyld for carryeng of xti loodes
16 of gravell to the strowde vij d the lodexvij s vj d
17 It[e]m for spreadyng of all the sayd gravellxxti d
18 It[e]m payd to John goodin for makynge of xviij score
19 pyles & ten vj d the scoreix s iij d
20 It[e]m to Rob[er]t platfutt for carryenge of the same
21 pyles to the stroude att too tymsxiiij d
22 It[e]m to John stone & John goodin & the stroudkepers
23 for dryvyng of themij s viij d
24 It[e]m for an End of a plancke & ij small loggs to laye
25 upon the hulve1 agenste John fokes fyld bycause it was
26 broken & for o[ur] laboure to laye them on the sayd hulvevj d

Translated to modern English Trevor Hearn 24th July 2019

1 This account made Robert Platfoot and John Prentice the
2 younger the 20th day of October anno primo [ Note 1 ] Elizabeth
3 Regina [ Note 2 ] 1559, in the church of West Mersea before the whole parish
4 and, the same day, are chosen [as] Strood Keepers, John Hull
5 & Robert Platfoot, and have received into their hand[s]
6 the same day, to the use of the parish, 16 shillings.

7           The charges for the year of
8           our Lord God 1560

9    This year there were no charges laid out
10   upon the Strood

11           The charges laid out for the
12           trood 1561 AD

13 Item: paid to Robert Platfoot for carrying of 5 score and 10
14 loads of gravel to the Strood [at] 7d per load£3 4s 2d
15 Item: to John Field for carrying of 30 loads
16 of gravel to the Strood [at] 7d per load17s 6d
17 Item: for spreading of all the said gravel20d
18 Item: paid to John Goodin for making of 18 score
19 piles and 10 [at] 7d the score9s 3d
20 Item: to Robert Platfoot for carrying of the same
21 piles to the Strood at two times14d
22 Item: to John Stone & John Goodin & the Strood Keepers
23 for driving of them2s 8d
24 Item: for an end of a plank & 2 small logs to lay
25 upon the hulve [ Note 3 ] against John Folkes' field because it was
26 broken & for our labour to lay them on the said hulve6d

Note 1 Translates as: "in the first year..." so this relates to the first year of the reign of Queen Elizabeth I
Note 2 Queen
Note 3 drain

SourceMersea Museum