TitleBlott Family Films - Tollesbury sailing
Abstract16mm film taken by John Blott at Tollesbury and sailing in local waters 1948 to 1957. Film was converted to video and supplied by James Blott - he sent full videos which included many family holidays etc., and the version available online has been edited down to mainly Tollesbury and local sailing scenes.
There is no sound. Most of the film in colour.

James writes about the film:

The films that are represented here were all taken by James Blott's father, John Arthur Blott, known as Bill (1911-1988) from approximately 1948 to 1957. Unfortunately, none of the film canisters were marked with dates or contents, so a degree of guesswork has been involved about what they show. In addition, as will be seen, Bill Blott was not a skilled cameraman, nor editor!

JBV_002 - Reel 2 4m
SUSAN MN29. James Blott and his sister, Susan, with George 'Skipper Brand (foreground) and Charles Spooner on the deck of HEARTSEASE.
Sailing Dinghies off the 'hard' at Tollesbury. MERRYMAID in her mud berth in Tollesbury
SUSAN with John Blott, owner, at helm and. George 'Skipper' Brand. Skipper. Fishing.

JBV_010 - Reel 10 2m
Tollesbury swimming pool. Sailing on SUSAN.

JBV_011 - Reel 11 6m
Sailing on SUSAN, Bradwell Power Station, scenes on HEARTSEASE, Tollesbury swimming pool.

JBV_012 - Reel 12 1m
Deck shots on HEARTSEASE. Sailing on SUSAN.

JBV_013 - Reel 13 1m
Sailing on SUSAN

JBV_016 - Reel 16 6m
HEARTSEASE in the River before she was put on Tollesbury saltings.

JBV_021 - DVD 1 - 33m
Houseboats MERRYMAID and HEARTSEASE at Tollesbury. Blott family. Tollesbury saltings. Sailing in River Blackwater - laid up ships. Sailing in Thames Estuary. Mersea Regatta.
Not included in current edit is 10 minutes of 1953 Spithead Review and a visit of HMY BRITANNIA to the River Thames.

JBV_022 - DVD 2 16m
SUSAN, HEARTSEASE at anchor and under way, saltings

SourceMersea Museum