TitleDown on the Farm - Victor Gray Part 1
AbstractDown on the Farm - Victor Gray is interviewed by Len Broadhurst. Victor lives at New Hall Farm, Little Wigborough. Victor was in the Navy during the War, going in as an Ordinary Seaman, getting a commision, and becoming First Lieutenant of HMS TEVIOT. He came to Peldon in 1946. At that time New Hall was about 180 acres, but now it is 500 acres, with some at Copt Hall and with 100 acres in Great Wigborough. The back part of New Hall Farm house was built in 1375 (Copt Hall was 1376) and the front half in 1850. A brick at the front is marked S.E.B. 1850 - Samuel Edwin Bean. The farm was for sale or rent in 1853, rent £150 for 130 acres. 100 years later, it was much the same. Vic comes from a farming family - his father farmed 165 acres near Lavenham.
He and Len go for a trip round the farm, looking in particular at the conservation measures put in by Victor. He has planted over 1,000 trees.

Part 1 of 3, from Lions Talking Magazine No.62.

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Duration18 minutes
RecordedMay 1983

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