TitleReg Hempstead interviewed for Lions Talking Magazine 1990
AbstractLions Talking Magazine 135, March 1990, introduced by Frank Osborn.
Reg Hempstead is interviewed by Dennis Chatters and Reg D'Wit. At the BBC broadcast from the White Hart - those present received £6 for the first recording and £3 when it was rebroadcast, which went to a BBC Challenge Cup for the Dabchicks.

When young, Reg lived in Saddlers Cottages at the top of The Lane. Walked to school from there, back home for lunch, and back to the school in the afternoon. He used to spend a lot of time on smack FLORENCE owned by two uncles. Other smacks, - PURITAN, SYBIL, IRIS.
Started work at 14, winkling. It was too cold so he took a job as a paper boy working for Cooks on Queens Corner. When he was 21 he went boatbuilding with Wyatts. When Dabchicks bought Wyatts old shed, agreement was that Mrs Stoker could still put her washing out on the shore. The bumby - wood lined channel - dirty water from the Lane across the foreshore. Reg moved on to Clarke & Carter as a rigger. Worked going out to ships laid up in River. 1963 winter only had 10 days when they could not get out to ships. Fibreglass boats - Reg does not like them. ICI wanted to set up a factory where the Youth Camp is at East Mersea. Fishermen (over 100 in those days) protested and it was abandoned. The Nuclear Power station was good for growing oysters, but they were a funny shape.
Mr Henry Parrett lived on ERYCINA. Arthur Hempstead wanted to build a store near the house boat - but Parrott knocked the piles down one night - it went to Court. Lived in Willowbank - deeds mentioned 65 acres of land belonging to Firs Estate. Shell Works were first in the Firs grounds - for grinding up limpet shells. When Dr Jameson died, Mr Annan took over and moved it to Shell Works at Peldon.
Attempt to kidnap Lord Nuffield [1938] in a gaff yacht called PIERETTE, chartered from West Mersea. Rose Cottage - plans to demolish it.
What would Reg like? Should not pull down Rose Cottage. ( Reg D'Wit agrees and says they should build a brick wall across the Strood to cut off Mersea from foreigners. ).Football up at Brickhouse Farm. Mr Gray lived Firs, a prospective MP, but he only got 172 votes. His brother built the first house in Broomhills Road and owned the Boating Lake.

Duration28 minutes
RecordedMarch 1990

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