TitlePatricia Catchpole from Lions Talking Magazine 73.
AbstractPatricia Catchpole (Catchy) from the Riding School in West Mersea, interviewed by Dennis Chatters. Patricia came to Mersea when she was 11 - she was brought up in Suffolk, on a farm with Suffolk Punch horses. But, with the depression, the farm all had to be sold and they moved to Mersea. Patricia became maid of all trades at the local private school, either known as the Tin Lizzie or St. Michael's. Miss Francis was the Headmistress. For 10 shillings a week, she would teach, sweep up, cut the grass etc. Dennis remembers the local boys would throw stones up on the roof to disturb the teaching. Patricia was a pupil teacher during the War (which was a reserved occupation) and afterwards met Mr Neil and they started a Riding School at Garden Farm. This did not work long, but Patricia moved on to stables in the Hall Barn - until it became a Country Club. As compensation, Bert Carter put up a building for her, which became the East Road Riding School. Patricia retired in January 1983.
SourceMersea Island Lions
Duration22 minutes
RecordedApril 1984

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