TitleDouglas Stoker interviewed by Dennis Chatters 1983
AbstractDouglas Stoker talking to Dennis Chatters on Lions Talking Magazine 62. Douglas talks about the MOLLIETTE when it was a club and a dance hall. Things gradually got out of hand, it was raided by the police one night, and it was closed down. A little later it was decided to open again, but on a different basis and berthed in a dock in front of the Victory. However, they failed to get it into the dock and when the tide went out, she broke her back. During the War, it was decided to use her and she was taken out and run onto the Cocum Hills off East Mersea where she was used as a target.
After the War, out looking for oysters by the MOLLIETTE, instead of oysters Douglas was dredging for the brass shell cases left in the area. He made a lot of money selling the brass of scrap - and invested it in a piece of land where he built a bungalow. He called the bungalow MOLLIETTE.
Douglas later went oystering on OUR BOYS.
He was involved in the Lifeboat when it started in Mersea and was a soft inflatable.
Douglas was also involved in the ships laid up in the Blackwater - and the fitting of swivel moorings on the ships when they arrive.
He goes on to talk about the ferry to Bradwell - and how busy they were taking people (mainly ladies?) across for a festival. On the day, it was so busy that many were deposited on the mud below the beach at Bradwell. Finally, Douglas covers the life of the oyster.
Duration26 minutes
RecordedMay 1983

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